Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Birthday Girl is a Better Photographer

Poor Lori was under the weather today, on her birthday. Me, on the other hand, not sure what my excuse was. I just realized that I didn't take any photos of her today. Opening presents, enjoying dinner with family, cake, etc. I also did not put up any streamers. I feel really bad about that. It was a family tradition growing up that mom and dad would hang streamers and balloons and stuff up while we were sleeping so that on our birthday we'd come downstairs and the pocket door to the kitchen would be closed (it was rarely closed otherwise) and we'd open the door and there would be the kitchen all decked out. One of our first years married my parents even mailed Lori a box of streamers and signs and stuff so she could hang them for me. Was so sweet.

I did bake Lori a cake yesterday. I did have a little help from Rachel who helped me mix and Lori did take the cake out of the oven herself while I was at the store getting stuff for the party, but I did make a carrot cake from scratch, including some of the shopping for it. But that's really not an excuse. Frankly, it slipped my mind and I think I did a shoddy job this year. Lori was the one who invited the friends and family who came over tonight. All I did was pass along regrets from someone who couldn't make it.

Despite my shortcomings and her own grogginess, she seemed to enjoy the day and so that's good. I know for me there are parts of a birthday that should no longer be celebrated and I suspect the same holds true for her. But the parts that should -- good food, family, cake and cards* -- that was all there.

*Lori has the rare sixth gift not discussed in the Five Love Languages book -- cards. Can't forget the cards. Not gifts, just cards. She loves receiving cards. I think they're overpriced pieces of paper that never exactly say what I want to say, but to her they mean so much and she spends so much time finding the perfect card when she's the giver and then always fills them with really wonderful writings. I have several stacks in drawers of cards she's given me over the year.

So, in the end, I would be really remiss not to post today and wish a very

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