Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mexico Is At Fault

You know what? I don't care if there are illegal immigrants here or not. I mean, I sort of do, but it's like looking at a stab wound and dabbing it with a square of toilet paper. You're not asking "Hey... how come I'm bleeding? How come I'm in so much pain?"

The problem isn't feeling crossing our border seeking work, the problem is why. Why do people feel the need to flee their own country, often under very dangerous conditions? What are they after?

When planks of wood are paddled from Cuba, we say they are seeking better opportunities and the choice to live without oppression.

Is it really that different, people coming from Mexico?

It's not. I'm no expert, but it's really not hard to see that this is Mexico's fault. Sadly, American companies (like Subway, Sears, probably Home Depot) are happy to be complicit in the problem, but first and foremost, Mexico's government is to blame. Laws and failure to provide stability lead to the lack of investment and growth, the lack of long-term viable decent jobs and keep its country oppressed. We think everything's great because our governments are pals, but we shouldn't stand for this. There was no sucking sound after NAFTA because the Mexican government is too stupid to take advantage of what was handed to them.

Real immigration reform will only happen when the compulsion to flee is abated, when the people of Mexico don't have a reason to leave, when they can be proud to be allowed to grow their own country.

Of what little I know, that means that foriegners must be allowed to own land, companies cannot be allowed to continue to hire people for three months at a time to avoid providing benefits and the government needs to step up and provide stability and a pro-people economic environment.

Until then, all you can do is slap the hand reaching into the cookie jar. But if it's the only place to get a cookie and there are more hands than you can possibly slap, it's going to be worth the risk. It's time Mexico got back in the kitchen and started making its own cookies.

Yes, I'm advocating a Mexican revolution.
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