Monday, October 23, 2006


Blogger's being sluggish tonight. Somewhat annoying. I want my money back.

Man if today just didn't get busy beyond belief. I had to run so bizarre reports and work on a major project. Apparently the guy who normally gives us the stuff for the project each month eliminated the one useful thing he normally provided. Apparently the other stakeholders found it to be unfriendly. Unfriendly, maybe, but the only usable thing for us. Rather annoying.

I read that Panama is widening the panama canal. I guess it will create 40,000 construction jobs and they'll be able to make the money back quickly. Right now 9.5% of Panamanians are unemployed, but I don't know how many there are, so I don't know how huge (or not) 40k of new temporary jobs are. I could look on Wikipedia but I can't be bothered at the moment.

I did not get to any of the websites I had intended to for the day, so maybe tomorrow. I did walk a total of 9 laps, which was 9 miles and rode the bike a total of an hour and did 100 jumping jacks. Tonight I read Proverbs 27 to Rachel tonight. She still mostly tolerates me reading, but some nights she's not as interested in just hanging out and wants to do her own thing. Tonight was all about fools and something about a fool repeating themselves being like a dog going to check out its own vomit. Funny stuff.

I cannot believe the day is already over. I'll go read some more. I had some good ideas today. One of them I realized that it would make one of my jobs much easier for 99% of the stuff, but for that other 1% it would make it much more difficult, so much so that it's not worth it for the other 99%. Oh well. The other idea, I really like it. It's the idea of my organization picking a single country each year and pushing a lot of its effort towards that country. It seems like it would be a great way to really be able to show progress. I get the idea from a former boss who was credited with really raising the profile of VH1 early on... he had started doing "artist of the week" -- it made artists happy, made record labels happy and they in turn were happy to do favors for that network.

Anyhow, that's enough from here.
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