Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Busy Day

Man, oh man what a busy day. I cannot believe it's already 5:25 pm and I am still here in the office. I'm probably not going to walk tonight which is a shame because I didn't walk at lunch because we went out to lunch for people's birthays. And so I didn't get to eat as healthy as I otherwise would have, either.

I sometimes wonder what people would think if they could peek into my brain. I often feel like the best description might be an butterfly on speed with ADD. Flitting from idea to idea without even stopping to complete one before moving to the next. I think it's why it's hard sometimes to talk because I get too excited and get so far ahead of myself that I have to stop and figure out what I just said and remember what I had been thinking at the time I started speaking. I wonder if I would be a high-functioning mental case or something. But that's ok, I find it kind of amusing. I just wish I could do something with all the ideas in my head.

I also wish I could capture in words all the experiences I have in the day. Driving to work is a great opportunity to really experience the world but then it's so hard to try to remember stuff long enough to commit it to the screen and/or figure out if it's worth remembering, or if I should just flit along to something else.

This week I've driven to work with the radio off. Once just to listen to the rain and once because I was hoping it would rain and just to see what rattled around in my brain without outside stimulous to guide it. I was all over the board, looking at the line of cars I was in as we crept and winded over hills, a long catepillar with red lights along its body.... it's been dark lately when I left and gotten light as I drove. I like the dark. The headlights piercing the darkness feel warm to me when it's 45 degrees outside. I'll probably have to stop walking in the mornings because it's getting too cold. Anyhow, the lights feel warm to me. Lori and I were looking at a painting at Target the other day. It was of a San Francisco street. It was obvious how the reflections of the headlights were painted on the ground that it was supposed to be raining, or at least the ground wet. The picture had lots of gray, muted colors, except for the brightness of the headlights. Lori found it dark and depressing but I found it cheery. To me it symbolized warmth and made me think of
Christmas. Which is 61 days away now. I know, I know, I didn't start this paragraph off trying to be random. I just lacked an agenda. And look what happened. In the car it can be quite a bit worse and sometimes I can't even figure out how I get from one place to another as the thoughts pop and pop and pop like overheated popcorn unattended on the stove.

And now I need to pack up and go home. I want to walk, but it's late. I probably could have walked instead of sitting here writing this, but it has felt good to write a little bit. I'm sure it will seem much narrower on the blog versus this e-mail program where the writing pane is really huge.
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