Thursday, October 05, 2006

In Your Eyes

Anyone who knows me knows that I really like the song "In Your Eyes" and the movie "Say Anything" (partially, of course, because it takes place in Seattle)

It seems like for a lot of artists, one song they do haunts them. So infinitely popular, it resonates with the audience for so long that it can probably become somewhat annoying to be asked to sing it over and over and over again, or that it's expected in concerts years later when you're ready to give new stuff and all they want to hear is that old song over and over again that you're somewhat tired to death of.

For Michael W. Smith, it's that "Friends" song... he kinda whined a little bit about that fact before playing it at a concert we went to a few years ago.

But not Peter Gabriel. Lately more and more versions of the song has been cropping up on Launchcast. Instead of just wearily phoning it in for the millionth time, he's been having fun with it, inviting other performers to join him on stage and sing it, or I imagine -- in some cases -- to stand center stage and sing while he looks on approvingly from the sidelines. There've been other singers and other musicians performing on it, and he always takes time to mention them by name during the song and to really get the crowds into a frenzy. It's kind of a neat way to recognize the fans and give them something new and familiar at the same time without being
completely crushed that they won't move on as you have and are stuck with a little song from the '80s instead of understanding how much you've grown in depth as a performer.

Or at least that's my impression.

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