Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Shaun of the De

Thanks, Comedy Central.  Thanks for telling TV listings companies that you'd take a full two-hours to show an edited version of a movie with a theatrical running time of 99.  Thanks for then failing to actually show the entire movie in 120 minutes because you kept cutting for commercials every three minutes to show two minutes of commercials.  (Don't do the math.)  We've been working our way through the movie (wearing out the batteries with all that fast-forwarding) the last few nights and were dismayed when the two hours were up and we still didn't have resolution.  Thankfully, there's one more airing (and we've told Comcast to record 3 hours this time, just in case).  We looked on movie spoiler and guess there's actually 10-15 more minutes of movie left. But bad form for just not fitting the movie into the time alloted.   I mean, I get it when NBC does that with irrelevant bits of dramas no one's watching anymore, but you don't do that with a movie.  You have to assume people are recording it.
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