Monday, October 23, 2006

Foggy Day

It was foggy during the drive in. That was kinda cool. It was really cold while I walked before work. I got three laps (1 mile in). Unfortunately all the podcasts on the iPod were from last Friday. I haven't quite mastered the podcast updating, apparently. I don't know why it doesn't just simply get the new ones and drop them on. Now I'm going to have to go
and think, darn it.

Rob did devotions this morning and he read this really depressing story about a woman and her daughter trapped under rubble after an earthquake in Russia. Her sister's body was laying right next to her and she and her daughter were spared, trapped in an 18" pocket. She found a jar of jam that survived and gave it to her baby daughter who made it last 2 days but then was crying for food and water. The woman had been in the process of trying on dresses at her sister's house and was only wearing stockings and a slip at the time of the building collapse. She wrapped her daughter in the stockings for extra warmth and slowly lost feeling in her hands and feet during their time of being trapped. The baby continued to cry out "Mama, please give me some water." Finally the woman, remembering something she had seen on a survival story on TV started cutting her own fingers with broken glass, allowing the baby to suck on her fingers, getting sustenance from her blood. After 8 days both the woman and the baby were both rescued. I think. The story said they were down there for
8 days and the narrative seemed to indicate that an adult told the story, but it had said earlier that the woman was pretty sure she wouldn't survive. It was supposed to remind us of how Jesus' shed blood saves our lives, but it kind of hooked and depressed me to think of a baby crying "Mama, please give me some water." (Allison, don't know if this qualifies as uplifting or not.)

Just went to an HR presentation on the new health benefits. In typical HR fashion, it was an hour in length, had lots of powerpoint slides, which they neglected to give us copies of. They said there were handouts at the end, but they were just a few pages stapled together that we've gotten before and had access to online. If you're in HR anywhere and you're reading this, if you do an hour-long HR presentation of new material, you need to print-out the slides and hand them out before the meeting. I don't know if you're afraid we'll read ahead and get confused, but trust me on
this, if we can take notes with the slide, we'll understand and retain the information much more. Especially if we're expected to relay the information to others, like our spouses.
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