Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 46 & 47 (Final)

Sunday evening (final) - So if I want to complete 200 a week, then completing 316 in two weeks isn't really all that great. Ah, well, such is life. I ended the week well and prepared for the next.

Saturday evening - I got a lot done. An interesting day - started with making everyone pancakes, heavy snow (that didn't stick), coffee that mostly didn't get consumed (the stupid filter tipped over and there was grounds in it and it was weak and bitter), a movie that was too loud for me and then a rush at the end of the day when we realized that there was some stuff we needed to do before tomorrow that we didn't have on our radar. All in all, a really nice day at home. A huge number of items checked off, but quite a few still undone. That's what happens when you keep pushing it forward like a bulldozer. With a few things scheduled for tomorrow, it should be a light end to the week and a light start to the new week.

Friday evening - I actually don't think I'm getting back on track. Maybe tomorrow I'll knock it out of the park. Or maybe life's changed. But I've got this giant to do list each day and except keeping the cats fed, I'm really not getting a lot done. That said, I've actually been getting home from work earlier and spending more time with my family and I've been rocking it at work (if I do say so myself) so maybe the to do list isn't as important yet. Or maybe it is and I'll get back to it.

Tuesday evening - getting back on track. Trying to recover my to do list and get stuff done. Got out of the office earlier tonight (but not as early as I thought I was going to). Also got to bed earlier last night, got up earlier this morning and got some walking in before work. Spent some time tonight trying to figure out why Lori's laptop is having issues.

Monday evening (a week later) - So... it's been a week and then some. There's been a power outage, many sleepless nights (one of them at a hospital), missed work, and more. So, trying to get back on track.

Monday evening - So very, very tired. Bad night of poor sleep again. Over the years I've amassed single shares of crummy stocks as companies spun apart. Sold a bunch of those today. Some for a gain, some for a loss, but all in the name of simplifying. Yay, simplifying.

This week:
  • Goal: 200 items
  • Sunday: 30 completed, 6 items postponed
  • Monday: 30 completed, 8 items postponed
Sunday evening - they never plowed our street. We could see a plowed street from our house, but the steep incline of our driveway plus the steep incline of our street... we stayed home this morning. But, they streamed service - that was kinda cool. Later I scraped our driveway and made a pyramid and a Sphinx in the side yard. Now it's raining so that should take care of the street.

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