Sunday, February 09, 2014

Week 45 (Final)

Sunday (final) - I've not been very consistent this week. It could mean that I'm doing other things I think are more important. Might be true. Friday date night, and yesterday the iPad workshop and a movie afternoon with the family and then snow. Not that those are excuses, just interesting things. I've been working on decreasing the amount of email I receive and the number of Feedly feeds. I also reduced the number of keys on my keychain by quite a few which is cool. I've also decided I'm not going to get to a month-end summary for January. That ship as sailed. Speaking of snow, I took down the blue and green (Seahawks) lights from the tree out front (it has white lights year round) and replaced them with red ones for Valentine's Day. I worried that people might think it was a candy cane. And then it snowed. So now it totally looks like a candy cane.

This week:
  • Week 45: 161 completed (43 pushed to next week)
  • Sunday: 34 completed (10 postponed)
  • Monday: 28 completed (7 postponed)
  • Tuesday: 16 completed
  • Wednesday: 10 completed
  • Thursday: 27 completed (7 postponed)
  • Friday: No items recorded. I'm sure I fed the cats and stuff, but didn't check it off.
  • Saturday: 20 completed
  • Sunday: 26 completed
  • Nice to have: 27 16 15 items
  • Reading: Understanding Your Child's Sensory Signals, Fast Company Nov. 2013, Speechless: Finding God's Grace in My Son's Autism
  • Feedly: 27 6 19 181 28; Email: 24 26 43 81 50

Thursday evening - The last couple of days have been difficult. Yesterday I had events in the morning and middle of the day that messed with my schedule. And then in the evening Ben was sick. Today we had power outages (plural!) that messed with stuff. And there've been some sleep issues recently. So I've kind of bombed this week as far as getting stuff done.

Monday evening - The children had poor sleep. One of them impacted my sleep. I also impacted my sleep by not trying harder to go back to sleep when I woke up. So all my good intentions went out the window and I slept in until the last minute. Got quite a bit done anyhow. Went over my calories because it was way too cold to walk and there's still birthday cake. Birthday cake!

Sunday evening - I actually wasn't going to watch the game. I figured trying to stream it wouldn't work well. But it did, streamed it on two computers (one with the sound off) while Rachel was watching Netflix downstairs and I also had ESPN's GameCast going on - which is a really cool feature. Anyhow,  But the game was fun, especially everyone cracking jokes on Facebook. After the game was over, I signed off of Facebook, taking a break. Need to restart this blog. I noticed a few minutes ago that it has gotten 99,988 views. (And I can't go on Facebook and try to drum up a few quick hits, darn it all.) Because I was caught up in the game, I didn't get to everything I wanted to today. Almost all of it. And some other stuff.

Sunday afternoon (prep) - Slowly but surely the system is being optimized. Very little work necessary to get the list prepped for this week, which is good. I want to use it to help me get the right stuff done, but I don't want to waste time on the list itself.

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