Monday, February 24, 2014

Fighting the Gray Cube Walls (A Work-Related Post)

One of my co-workers went on vacation right after Christmas so her decorations stayed up a little longer than most. Another co-worker looked at the wrapping paper, observed that it would be good for Valentine's Day and that she had an idea, could she use the space?

So she made a sign

A little envelope, a pen and some cut-out hearts and we're off...

And what do we think love is?

Our office is full of gray walls. And when something does go up on the wall, it had some meaning to someone at the time it was added, but sadly, stuff will stay there two or three years and never be updated.

This was timely, fun and I'm sure it'll be gone before too long. There wasn't as many as I would have expected, but serious kudos to my co-workers for making something fun and challenging us to be creative.

What kinds of ways could you liven up your office?
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