Sunday, February 02, 2014

Week 44 (Final)

Sunday (final) - Nice to be back on track. Finished out the week well. Due to a change I made at the start of the week, there's also nothing carrying over. Everything I wanted to do for this week is done, and a new week starts later today.

This week:
  • Week 44: 228 completed
  • Sunday: 38 completed (17 postponed)
  • Monday: 23 completed (13 postponed)
  • Tuesday: 29 completed (9 postponed)
  • Wednesday: 23 completed (10 postponed)
  • Thursday: 24 completed (13 postponed)
  • Friday: 44 completed (15 postponed)
  • Saturday: 38 completed (15 postponed)
  • Sunday: 9 completed
  • Reading: Understanding Your Child's Sensory Signals, Fast Company Nov. 2013
  • Inbox: 48 53 48 36 61 38 29; Feedly: 213 185 150 100 115 80 26

Saturday evening - Happy Birthday, me. Or as my daughter sang this morning "Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... wait... what comes next?" When we posted that on Facebook someone responded "cake. cake comes next." The children seem to not like birthdays as they didn't do well this evening. Better than their behavior at Lori's, but still not great. Lori made Bierocks, salad with a really good homemade dressing and German mashed potatoes with bacon. Cake was a very yummy Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake - light, less sweet than typical cakes (which was fine by me) and really really tasty.  Some fun gifts - a photo book of Seattle from the children and from Lori a bar of some really good smelling soap with coffee and orange in it - looks really high end - I mean soap in its own box that doesn't have the word "Dial" imprinted in it - nice and two cool books - one a writing idea book - each page has one or two starter ideas and then lines to write, the other a five-year journal diary type thing - it has a page a day and then at the top of the page it has something like "What made you sad today?" or "What's your mission for tomorrow?" and then a space to write the year and then two lines to quickly jot an answer. That way, in five years, you've got a whole bunch of interesting answers to interesting questions.  And a gift certificate to Home Depot that gets me closer to the door I want to buy to install in the garage. Also, the book I'm reading on sensory signals is fascinating. Learning so much about Ben, but also Rachel and even Lori and I.
Friday evening - Nice quiet lazy day at home. And Menchies. We got it to go. Prevented Ben from having any problems. Definitely the way to go. Still need to write a end-of-month recap. Maybe tomorrow. Or not. Not sure how much I'll actually do tomorrow.

Thursday - End of my work week. Hello, long weekend. Coffee and watching the rain.

Wednesday evening - I've woken up early today and yesterday. It's been really nice, a chance to spend some time with my family before work. Busy day at work today, but aren't they all? One of these days I need to do some email again.

Tuesday evening - All day long I've been sure it's Wednesday. I kept being surprised all over again to find out it was only Tuesday. I got up earlier this morning which meant more time with my family before work. Which was good because I got stuck at work and got home late and had less time with them after work.  Only a little less. But it was packed in that I probably only saw Ben for about 40 minutes, but it was long enough for him to eat with us, sit on the potty, play a little and get all ready for bed including Bible singing (that's where I read from the Bible but with made up melodies instead of just reading it monotone). It was a good day at work and now I'm wrapping up the day listening to heavy rain outside. Yay rain. Getting closer to a blog post. At the very least, there will be one on Saturday.

Monday evening - I wish I had gotten more done. I suppose I got a few big things done and one thing not on my list - adding blue and green lights to the "fancy" tree out front that normally has white lights on it year 'round. Did you see? The Empire State Building is also lit blue and green tonight. Woo! Had a nice night with family and those aren't things you put on the to do list. Also a good day at work today. It felt heavy during parts of the first half of the day, except when I was onboarding a new employee. I have it down to a pretty good science. Maybe I should write a blog post about it. I need to write a blog post soon. I feel really bad about going so long without writing, it's finally starting to bug me.
    Sunday evening - Got a lot done today. Did 75 minutes of free step. We went to McDonalds for lunch today. I've been enjoying meals together as a family and I thought if we went to McDonalds we could hang out and if Ben had problems (he didn't) he wouldn't be out of place. It was a nice time and a nice afternoon.

    Sunday afternoon (prep) - Time to try again - I wonder if I should have restarted my numbering with the new year. Oh well, for now it's fine. Why keep track of tasks like this? Helps me keep everything under control. If I need to remember something, hold down the phone and when Siri beeps I say "Remind me to..." and then it's on the list. And then I don't have to think about it anymore. By planning out a week in advance, I have a better chance of keeping the priority stuff priority. I didn't do much to look at my schedule for the week to see if I should adjust any days but for now it's at least good to have a list, keeping with the goal of keeping things simpler.

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