Friday, February 21, 2014

Feed Sift (02/21)

Here's a few things I wanted to share. (A few items are a little less fresh than usual, but still interesting.)


Seattle City Council updated on Seawall Project - new maps and artists concepts


Dilbert - why ambition doesn't pay


Why is Bertha stuck? WSDOT's 5 levels of tunnel-drilling hell - turns out it was scenarios 1, 2 and 3. Ouch.


Amazon is thinking about shipping you packages you haven't ordered yet - Amazon's patent application details pre-staging items close to you that they think you'll buy so that you can get them quicker. (23 hours already seems pretty quick for a carton of air filters for our furnace. If they're ringing our doorbell minutes after we place an order, maybe they'd like to open up the furnace and just install the filter?)


Street Smart: Intelligent Motion-Activated Outdoor Lighting - *really cool*.
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