Monday, February 03, 2014


I'm going to take a social media vacation. I'm going to remove some apps from my phone. I was thinking about blocking them altogether with a "time waster preventer" extension in Chrome, but I do still want to wish people Happy Birthday, I think that's kinda important.

But, yeah, I'm going to take a break. Facebook has pretty much ruined Facebook.

It's time to simplify. Not that I don't care about the lives of my friends, but that's not what Facebook shows me anymore.

So instead, I'll be paying more attention to my blog. It'll post to Facebook and Twitter, but it'll be on auto-pilot. If I do come up with anything I think is just so brilliant that the world would be deprived were I not to post it, I'll use Hootsuite and schedule it. That'll keep me away from it.

I won't completely be cut-off, I'll be notified of tags and comments and stuff like that. And I'll still have the number one most used social media on the planet: email.

P.S. Facebook, please bring back the running list of everything.

My idea is just to produce a running tally of everything. Allow me to mark things as read, allow me to mute conversations, but just show me everything. People and brands I interact with often would be full-size, with images. The less I interact with them, the smaller the font and the lighter color the font. Eventually, someone I rarely interact with would get a

Freddy Facebook updated their status. 

in a really faint font. I'd have to actually click on it to see it. That's how you could measure engagement. If I kept expanding their links, you could start making them bigger and eventually show them automatically. Same with people I never comment on or like the status of, their future posts get smaller and smaller until they end up in tinyville. The best part? Because it's everything, I'll scan it quickly. Even the ads you insert.

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