Thursday, November 14, 2013

popcon (A Work-Related Post)

The package or Orville Redenbacher says "with 50% less fat and natural ingredients."

Now why on earth would you be promoting 50% less natural ingredients?

Of course, that's not what they're saying. You'd have to be silly to think that's what they really mean.

So why bring it up? Because words have meaning. Your writing, especially packaging and promotions, should not leave anything open to an incorrect interpretation.

Even if just for a moment.

For the few seconds that your customer or prospective customer puzzles over your word choices, you're demanding a subtle but real price for their time, attention and brain-power. All these tiny pinpricks of inaccuracy, inconsistency and confusion are why people are becoming more and more immune to marketing.

Pretty soon, this is just words to fill space with no real value to anyone.  Might as well just show the pop-up bowl balanced on a pair of legs leading to some feet in socks resting on a coffee table in front of a large TV enjoying a movie -- leave it up to the customer to imagine themselves in that situation enjoying the popcorn.

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