Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Hey Apple

Apple puts a blue icon next to items you haven't opened since you downloaded them or since you updated them.  That's all well and good, especially if you automatically update your apps.  Only I don't do that.

They should have also used a red or green dot to let you know if there are apps ready to be updated.

So there's this whole new slide-up tray so you can perform tasks without leaving an app, like calculate something or take a photo or your wi-fi on or off.  Umm... why isn't there a phone button?

P.S. My experience with the Macintosh operating system has a gap between 6.0.8 and 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  I have to say that Mavericks is so much better than Mountain Lion.  While I was just getting used to the dual monitor oddities with spaces, things are so much better in Mavericks.  Kudos, Apple.
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