Sunday, November 03, 2013

Week 31 (Final)

Sunday evening - A non-typical day, ended up working past dinner without closing out the week. Which means very little for the new week's start, but quite a bit done today.
  • Total planned: 240 completed
  • Sunday: 36 completed, 1 postponed (25 planned)
  • Monday: 33 completed, 1 postponed (28 29 planned)
  • Tuesday: 28 completed, 6 postponed (29 32 31 planned)
  • Wednesday: 29 completed, 6 postponed (27 29 34 planned)
  • Thursday: 13 completed (25 28 35 planned)
  • Friday: 28 completed, 11 postponed (20 21 22 23 25 planned
  • Saturday: 34 completed, 26!!! postponed (30 32 43 planned)
  • Sunday: 39 completed, 10 incomplete (21 26 28 27 29 46 planned)
  • Nice to have (this week): 28 23 24 16 15 remaining
  • Less critical nice to have: 135 133 132 128 remaining
  • Reading: Allegiant - 220/526 (42% completed)
  • Reading: The Lacey Confession (100% completed)
  • Reading: The Elements of Typographical Style (100% completed)
  • Reading: Consumer Reports Oct. 2013 (100% completed)
  • Calories tracked and under goal: Sunday & Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Friday

Saturday evening - Birthday party this evening. Did quite a few things before but not really much of anything afterwards. Lori didn't track calories today, so not sure how I did, but pretty sure I wasn't under my calorie count. Very windy day outside, kinda cool.  Watched all the leaves blow up and down the street. Went out at one point and raked up all the leaves in the yard, filled a greens can. Sure it'll be full again tomorrow.

Thursday and Friday evening
 - Last night was Trick or Treating. I did get some done before work yesterday, so it wasn't a complete loss. I didn't get a lot done tonight, but the stuff I'm leaving is fine.

Wednesday evening - Almost like a repeat of yesterday.  Did nothing before work, then didn't get as much done tonight as I would have liked, between the children staying up later than usual and needing to shave. Finished the other book on my walk which is cool.  Tomorrow is Halloween. I didn't factor that into my planning.  Been also working on something fun for November and December using HootSuite -- but it's a surprise.

Tuesday evening - Didn't get enough done tonight. Had to go to a restaurant for lunch with co-workers, but worked hard to stay under my calories by choosing carefully. Ended up having quite the tasty salad with bacon and chicken. Didn't get any reading, done, though. Did get some short walks in.

Monday evening - A good day. Under my calories again, completed all the chores on my list except one, but that requires Lori's help. I'll probably move it to the weekend.

Sunday evening - I printed out the entire week.  I also have the large list of "nice to have" but it's too big. So I made a small list for this week and printed it as well.  One item postponed - I need to coordinate with Lori better to get this one done.

Sunday evening prep - I feel like I've been getting less and less done, that things are falling apart. It doesn't help any to be sick, but this isn't the way I'd like it to go.  I feel like the things I need to get done exceed the time/energy I have available to me. I've cut it back to the absolute core this week.  And now I'm going to print out every day's schedule.  I did not look at my calendar for this coming week when planning, I just went with the absolute bare minimum and we'll see if I can pull even that off. Problem is typically all the stuff that starts sliding into later in the week.

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