Friday, November 29, 2013

Feed Sift

Five things I felt were worth sharing...


What "no" means - an excellent reminder. (Seth Godin)


Concerned mom campaigns against artificial dyes in candy - In other countries where they'd have to put a warning, they do without. So why are we subjected to them here? (Today)


US carriers don't want to give smartphone users an anti-theft kill switch - If your phone is stolen or lost, wouldn't it be nice to remotely disable it? You can with your iPhone, but other phones haven't followed suit yet. There was a bill proposed to require it, but the carriers have opposed it. Why? No one would pay for their overpriced insurance each month. *sigh*


Musk stands behind Tesla Model S safety, modifies warranty to cover fire damage - Yeah, Tesla rocks.


Honda Hands (h/t dad) - this is cool and I don't even work for Honda. Now imagine if you worked for Honda.

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