Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 32 (Final)

Final - This week was a absolute and utter failure and I'm ready to put it behind me. I could work a little longer and cross a few more off, but I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to throw it out and just get a better start on next week. No sense in extending life support. Call it. It's done.  This week does nothing except drag down the average.  Blargh.

Thursday night - Only got 27 done, but all but 3 were after 8:25 tonight, so I'm happy with what I got done. A few of the ones I got done were kinda time-consuming. Not a lot of changes to get a lot done the rest of this week. No progress on the nice-to-haves.
  • Total planned for this week: 195 158 134 112 85 (110 completed so far - 56%)
  • Sunday: 0 completed (0 planned)
  • Monday: 34 completed (28 planned)
  • Tuesday: 22 completed, 5 postponed (30 26 planned)
  • Wednesday: 26 completed, 13 postponed (30 34 36 planned)
  • Thursday: 27 completed, 9 postponed (31 22 34 planned)
  • Friday (plans): 20 22 29 planned
  • Saturday (plans): 31 32 planned
  • Sunday (plans): 25 24 planned
  • Would like to do: 25 
  • Nice to have: 127 126
  • Reading: Allegiant (100%)
  • Under my calories: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (plus 5 of 7 previously)
  • Simplification: Cleaned up the entertainment center, rewired everything, canceled two more costly services and negotiated substantial savings on a third
Wednesday night - I started the day off well, getting a lot done before work. I didn't get a lot done after, though. I got sidetracked trying to cancel some stuff. Yay, saving money! Internet frustration tonight.

Tuesday night - Just when I thought things were going well, we had a medical issue with a child tonight. In the end, it didn't require Urgent Care, but it did throw off my groove.

Monday night - Feeling good about the week. I don't know if it will be less busy, but it was good going with a smaller set of tasks. There's satisfaction in seeing an empty to do list.

Sunday night - Instead of starting the new week in the middle of the day as I've been doing lately, I'm starting it now. So, there's nothing completed today. Printing out the lists last week only helped for the first day or two and after that, the lists were out of date and I kept forgetting to look at them. The system is working - I didn't have to do much to get the list in shape for next week, which is good because it's a busy, busy week.

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