Monday, May 27, 2013

Get Them Talking (A Work-Related Post)

My colleague saw this recently on the way to work, thought it was so funny that he told us about it.  I immediately thought "I must see this for myself." and asked him if he'd take a photo for me.

But, let's be honest - this is pretty brilliant.  We give them extra credit because they aren't a chain so this comes across more funny than calculated. And yet it resonates because it's relevant.

There's probably very few people that don't feel some kind of guilt about stuff they should have thrown away but haven't, closets in their house they haven't visited in quite some time.  And who hasn't seem promos for the TV show Hoarders?

At the same time, "Buy More Stuff" makes us laugh nervously. Because, of course they will say that. And because of course, we will.

Is your messaging memorable?
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