Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 6 (Final)


Weight: 153.9 (05/08; 8.9 to go) // Lose-It! Today: 1,659 minus N/A (food) plus N/A (exercise) equals N/A under.
Jumping Jacks: 300; Pushups: 120; Situps: 120
Walks: 5 (1 for a meeting) - 10.7 miles

Email: 47 (1+46) // Feedly: 144 // TED Talks: 8

8:49 pm - I made a conscious decision this afternoon to stop doing chores and go play with my son outside.  I was going to take both children but Rachel was being disobedient so I didn't take her.  After we came back in I was still pretty tired so I didn't do a lot more after that either.  So I'm ending the week with a lot yet unfinished, but I'm still happy with the week, unless you count the poor diet Friday, Saturday and again today.  It's going to be awhile before I'm willing to weigh myself again, but I'm going to get back on track tomorrow.  No more birthday cake, apple crisp, cookies, doughnuts, bacon, french toast casserole, ice cream, etc., unless I can be certain of the portion and calories.

I think what I learned from this week is that I can get too focused on the day-to-day tasks.  I can get a lot of stuff done, but some of that will just be there again tomorrow, so missing a day isn't going to be the end of the world.  In a few cases, I did extend the length of time between recurrence, even on a few of the daily items, but there's probably even more I could do in the coming week.  So I did complete 437 items, but I'm carrying over 113 I didn't get to.  I also need to look at the week as a whole more, both in looking back and in looking forward, especially on those non-repeating tasks.  Also, I need to have some goals.  Not just track email, but have a goal of where I want it to be at the end of the week.  Stuff like that.

Monday: 87; Tuesday: 73; Wednesday: 65; Thursday: 64; Friday: 30; Saturday: 68; Sunday: 49


Weight: 153.9 (05/08; 8.9 to go) // Lose-It! Today: 1,659 minus N/A (food) plus N/A (exercise) equals N/A under.
Remember the Milk: Today: 0/68; This Week: 152/388
Jumping Jacks: 300; Pushups: 120; Situps: 120
Walks: 4 (1 for a meeting) - 7.9 miles

Email: 69 (3+76) // Feedly: 130 // TED Talks: 2

11:17 pm - Celebrated my son's birthday today.  It was a nice gathering with a only one of his grandparents, us and a family friend-family.  (A family that are friends of the family collectively.  Is there a term for that?)  Bad dietary behavior again today.  Tomorrow some tasty treats so it won't be before Monday that I'm back on track.


10:40 pm - Friday was not a day where I got a lot done on my chore list.  I did get a lot done this morning.  But then I headed up to The City for a short conference.  Then back home and then work for the afternoon.  Then back home and headed off to a Bon Voyage party for friends leaving the country, and then back home and helped Lori with some of the cleanup related to the cake she's making and now starting to exercise at about the time I'm usually wrapping up.  Tomorrow will also be busy with a birthday party and prep for Mother's Day.  We'll see if I get much done tomorrow or Sunday.


Weight: 153.9 (05/08; 8.9 to go) // Lose-It! Today: 1,659 minus N/A (food) plus N/A (exercise) equals N/A under.

Remember the Milk: Today: 0/64; This Week: 202/290
Jumping Jacks: 200; Pushups: 80; Situps: 80
Walks: 4 (1 for a meeting) - 7.9 miles

Email: 82 (3+79) // Feedly: 204 // TED Talks: 3

7:15 am - Mornings rule!  I do like the slower pace of not just racing to get out the door but of getting some stuff done and having a few seconds to catch my breath.  Tired, though.  Suspect what I'm getting done is all the basic stuff.  Not a lot of big one-time-things.  Obvious by how many still remain for the week - they keep spawning when I check them off.

10:28 pm - I think I'm going to discover at the end of this week that I haven't done enough - I need to space out repeating tasks more and I need to make sure I actually complete some non-repeating.  I think I've postponed a lot of non-repeating tasks.  On the other hand, this week has been less stressful.  I feel like I've actually gotten more done, but not at the sacrifice of time with my children.  So I think this process is continuing to improve. Even if most people think I'm crazy and shouldn't have such an elaborate process to track stuff.  I do think the important things are shaking out - exercise, time with friends (over reading) on my lunch break, reading at home and the less important are becoming apparent (Feedly, email).  I can't have it all.  And if I don't get this darned Google book done by Saturday, I won't have a blog post for Sunday.


Weight: 153.9 (8.9 to go) // Lose-It! Today: 1,659 minus N/A (food) plus N/A (exercise) equals N/A under.
Remember the Milk: Today: 0/63; This Week: 213/226
Jumping Jacks: 150; Pushups: 60; Situps: 60
Walks: 3 (1 for a meeting) - 5.1 miles

Email: 69 (0+69) // Feedly: 212 // TED Talks: 5

7:30 am - Apparently I went right back to sleep after I turned off my alarm.  Got some stuff done but not as much as I'd like.

5:19 pm - Ok, the few minutes of transition between work and leaving work go by some quickly.  Trying to leave sooner these days.  Good day, except for my diet.  Time to head home.  Happy.  Feedly 272? Yikes.  Email 74? Yikes yikes.  Oh, weigh-in was good this morning.

10:27 pm - This week has slowed down.  I think that part of it is the days getting longer because I'm doing more stuff in the mornings.  The reading is coming along, it's interesting but dense.


Lose-It! Today: 1,662 minus 1,502 (food) plus 611 (exercise) equals 771 under.
Remember the Milk: Today: 0/73; This Week: 227/161
Jumping Jacks: 100; Pushups: 40; Situps: 40
Walks: 3 (1 for a meeting) - 5.1 miles

Email: 60 (34+26) // Feedly: 189 // TED Talks: 5

7:31 am - Getting up in the morning and getting stuff done is definitely the way to go!  Continuing also to look for items that can be done less frequently.

5:20 pm - I'm still exhausted.  I went to bed earlier last night, but it might not have been enough.  Still too much I want to do in a day.  Work was also quite busy today, and I even missed a meeting I wanted to attend.  (It overlapped and it was easiest just to not go to it.)  Tomorrow I've got several hours booked just to try to get some work in on a major project.  We'll see if it works out that way or not.  Also, no walk tomorrow but instead going out to lunch.  I don't want to but I promised I would.

10:33 pm - Got a lot done tonight and didn't sacrifice spending time with the family.  Not sure how that came about.  Found myself with more free time than I expected, I guess.  Rearranged the living room, did some thatching (both not on the list) and did a lot of stuff on the list as well.  Only postponed a few items, all non-essential.  Extended the intervals of a few more things - that will be the big outcome for this week - stuff repeating less frequently.  Major update to the book page finally.


Lose-It! Today: 1,662 minus 1,423 (food) plus 571 (exercise) equals 810 under.
Remember the Milk: Today: 0/87; This Week: 230/87
Jumping Jacks: 50; Pushups: 20; Situps: 20
Walks: 2 (1 for a meeting) - 3.3 miles

7:09 am - So this week will be all about what's reasonable to get done in a week.  Got up early and already got quite a bit done.  Definitely need to go to sleep earlier, though.

9:35 pm - Was very tired.  But rocked the day.  So hot today.  That didn't help.
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