Friday, May 24, 2013

Are you @SiriusXM?

Got this in the mail today from SiriusXM. Apparently somewhere in the paperwork I signed eight months ago, I gave permission for the dealership to give my info to Sirius.  That's fine, I'd still recommend that dealership, they gave me an absolutely awesome deal.  Still, it is a bit unnerving to get a letter in the mail with your car's VIN just sitting there in all its glory along with your home address. (I have most mail with PII- or PCI-type information going to my post office box.)

So the letter tells me that my car's SiriusXM satellite radio has been re-enabled for a few weeks so that I can try it out.  Sorry, I plugged in my iPhone before I drove off the lot, I haven't listened to anything except iTunes or Pandora since I got the car.  One time I forgot my iPhone and listened to my iPad. Another time I forgot my iPhone and figured it sered my

The letter goes on to offer me six months for $25 (normally $14.99/month) and -- get this -- the activation fee is waived! This is such a big deal they've noted it twice (I've highlighted it twice.)

If the service is already on in my car, what exactly is this fee they're waiving?  I hate "activation" fees - time was that actually acquiring a customer was just the cost of business.  I own the equipment, they just need to enter some info into their computer (or if I do it online, there's no new cost).  This fee is unnecessary. (And if it's always waived, it only exists to make you feel good.)

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