Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Attention to Detail (A Work-Related Post)

It's unfortunate (or ironic) that the photo makes it difficult to see, but this was a stage at an event we attended this past weekend.  A speaker from the stage was talking about how they're the "city of parades" and if you look on the local culture website, you'll see they host a lot of events.  Impressive, really.  (This doesn't look well attended, but it was late in the afternoon, there had been intermittent rain and there was lots of other stuff going on -- there was definitely lots of people in attendance.  Even some stuff that really resonated with our autistic son.  A really great event.)

The problem here are the two large banners flanking the stage.  The banners proclaim the city's name in large letters, there were a number of them throughout the event.  However, these two are both backwards.  

So they put on a show, but it's surprising that no one noticed that these had been erected backwards or flipped around.  (It's wasn't particularly windy that I can recall.)

But I suspect that there were a lot of event coordinators wandering around, but this didn't get fixed.

It's minor, but it's a part of your brand.  

Have you put someone in charge of the minor details?
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