Friday, May 31, 2013

May Done

It's hard to believe it's been another month. I'm tired, so very tired. Today, but in general as well.

It's late, so I'm going to make this quick.

The Big Elements

Simplify - I fell off the wagon a little bit, but I think I'm back on. Little nibbles are the way to go, keep tossing stuff, keep cleaning. A little at a time. Didn't have a summit with the family, but getting better with the calendar.

Diet/Exercise - not much this week, but overall, 39.05 miles completed this month. Got a nice email from RunKeeper noting that. Also been doing some Wii Fit each day. Still haven't reached my goal.

Work - It's been a good month. Holy cow crazy busy. But good. Not much to say.

Family - We've had Lori's mom over, we called Lori's dad, we celebrated Ben's birthday (and Corey's). We said goodbye to a family who we came close to just in time for them to leave the country. Was disappointed that more people didn't attend Ben's birthday. Some important people in Ben's life didn't make it. Read an interesting article that this kind of disappointment can actually manifest itself physically. No wonder it still feels to disappointing half a month later.

Family Present Ideas - No new ideas but something I identified last month is making it into Rachel's birthday presents.  Yay. Ben has started showing interest in stuffed animals. He bit one and split its paw open so I had to take it away until it's fixed. I gave him a little dog and he immediately grabbed it and carried it down to dinner tonight. That was neat.


I've been doing goals on a weekly basis now instead of monthly. I think that's a wiser move. Only took me three weeks to figure that out.

Top 5 Posts This Month

A new record for traffic this month (just squeaked ahead of last month).

How To: Fix a "TE Error" on an LG-WM2277HW (part 1 of 2)

How To: Fix a "TE Error" on an LG-WM2277HW (part 2 of 2)

* Facebook Messaging (A Work-Related Post)

Get Them Talking (A Work-Related Post)

#EEC13 @VirginAmerica (A Work-Related Post)

My Favorite Posts This Month

* Free TV ad for Dreyer's - I loved how the idea just popped into my head almost fully formed.

* Review: I'm Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59 by Douglas Edwards - A good read. Some good lessons, some interesting insights and also a little depressing when you realize you don't have those kind of stock options waiting to vest.

* Just like everyone else... - funny story... this little post received a +1 from Cigna. It was withdrawn a few hours later when they realized I was mocking them.

* Facebook is lazy. - They have some nerve. I did not doctor this, except to blur names and photos. Yes, they advertised right in the middle of someone's post above their friend's responses. And it wasn't even relevant.

* Book Review: Decisive - this is a great book. I highly recommend it.
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