Thursday, May 02, 2013

Don't Need a @Lyft

Wow... this misses the boat on so many levels.  I don't know how they're doing their targeting but apart from living in Seattle(-ish, but that's not their fault), I don't know why Lyft is so aggressively targeting me on Facebook.  Maybe they think I love misspelled words and cutesy clever.  They would be wrong.

I've taken two cabs in my entire life (and rode with someone else in a third).  I think I've commissioned 2, maybe 3 limousines (ah, that brief, sweet period where we were rich).  If I find myself without a car, I'm going to rent one or call a shared van because I know at least hotel to airport I usually have a good chance of getting a Town Car instead.  In a pinch, I'll walk or maybe take a bus.

This car one has a large novelty mustache. And it's pink.  It's not Ron Swanson, so it shouldn't have a mustache.

Oh, and my favorite part... this car seems to be broken down on the side of the road and this young lady seems to find that funny.  It might also be cold and windy or rainy judging by her large jacket.  That does not instill confidence.  I've had enough broken cars to last me for awhile.

Swing and a miss, Lyft.  Back to the drawing board on your targeting, I'm afraid.
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