Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Free TV ad for Dreyer's

I was sneaking a spoonful or two of ice cream the other night and noticed the heart on the top of the container.  I immediately wondered what it was there for.  And within seconds, a television commercial had taken shape in my mind.

Scene: Grocery Store, a tall cabinet filled with ice cream.  A teenaged girl is looking over the flavors and tentatively pulls out a carton of Dreyer's.  A guy with perfectly coifed hair and dazzling teeth, holding a large microphone walks into frame followed by a guy with a camera on his shoulder and another guy with headphones and a large boom mic.

Talent: "Hi there."
Teenager: "Uh, hi." (looking around, looking at the reporter and back at the ice cream as if it's going to explode)
Talent: "I see you've got some Dreyer's Ice Cream there."
Teenager: "Yup." (looking puzzled)
Talent:" Well, we just wanted to thank you and tell you we love you."
Teenager (to woman down the aisle): "Mom, this guy says he loves us and wants to thank us for buying ice cream."
Woman: "What?" (striding purposefully toward the camera crew) "Do I need to be calling security? What are you saying?"
Talent: (begins stammering and lowers microphone)

Cut to a man looking at ice cream.  He grabs a different brand, then puts it back and reaches for a Dryer.  As soon as his hand touches it, Talent leaps to his side, perfect white teeth sparkling.

Talent: "Hi there."
Man: "Uh, hi." (looks nervous)
Talent: "I see you've got some Dreyer's Ice Cream there."
Man: "Uh, yeah." (looking around)
Talent: "Well we just wanted to thank you and tell you we love you."
Man: "Uh, ok.  Um, I gotta go." (walks away quickly)

Cut to three teenagers huddled in a nearby aisle.  Ahead of them you see the camera crew focused intently on the ice cream section.  The teenagers are murmuring and it comes into focus.

Teenager #1: "I'll buy it if you'll go get it."
Teenager #2: "I'm not doing it. You do it."
Teenager #1: "No way, man."
Teenager #3: "Fine, I'll do it.  But I get first scoop."

Runs down the aisle, past the camera crew, right up the ice cream, grabs a carton of Dryers and runs back past the camera crew.

Talent: (shouting after teen, looking dejected) "We love you!" (as security guard walks up, hands on hips)

Title card and voiceover.  "We won't stop you in the ice cream aisle and tell you personally, but we love you!"

So Dryer's and Edy's are the same thing. That much I knew. What I didn't realize until tonight that they're now owned by Nestlรฉ who's just phoning it in.

Compare: Dryers and Edys (notice that Edys has the first paragraph for Dryers on its page)

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