Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week 2 (Final)


7:28 am - I know it's not the standard around here to put Sunday at the end of the week, but it's nice to be able to end the week with two days off from work in a row.  Especially if a lot of what I'm tracking is stuff I can't really tackle until the weekend.   I overslept again.  Ben was up in the middle of the night so I relocated to the family room to sleep on the couch and the alarm I've been using on my sleep timing app is too rhythmic when it's too low, it ends up helping me sleep longer instead of waking me up.  I guess I need to go back to the basic alarm.  Oh well.  Rachel's on track and Ben will be up soon so we're close to back on track.  Lori's singing in both services so we have to drive separately and she has to be there earlier so I have to get the little ones up and ready.  And I have to stop and get gas on the way to church.  Argh.

1:40 pm - It's turned into a quiet and nice day.  It looks very pleasant outside, but it's a bit cold.  After first service, Ben and Rachel and I went to the store to buy a few things.  We were in no hurry, so we meandered and had a nice time.  Then we came home and they snacked.  Then Lori came home and made lunch and she and I had a nice lunch.  Rachel didn't come out of her room to join us and Ben was taking a rest in his crib.  I will probably spend a little time outside today at least putting dandelions, but I've got more than enough to do inside.   Just read a great thing in Decisive that's really easy to put into practice.  Not our nature, but really makes a lot of sense: "Assume Positive Intent" - if something doesn't make sense (especially at work), assume the person has a positive reason for doing it - try to figure that out and you'll learn more about them (and possibly your own relationship with them).  One of the examples was a person who wrote really short emails - maybe they were trying to be efficient with their time and respect your time.  (And maybe sending them long, flowing emails might actually feel disrespectful or inconsiderate.)  It was about breaking out of a bias.  Another example was if a person thought their spouse was selfish, it was easier to spot selfish behavior in the future and easier to overlook or discount generous actions.  In this case, they recommended a relationship diary where you were only allowed to write positive things.  Suddenly they realized their spouse wasn't selfish and actually did quite a bit.  (Same "conversely" fits there - not in the book, but might make the spouse realize that they could be doing more themselves.)  So, yeah, Assume Positive Intent.  API.

9:33 pm - I found myself speaking harshly more than I'd like today, especially at Ben.  He got into a lot today and repeatedly did things he wasn't suppose to.  Harsh words don't affect him anymore, so I need to stop using them.  I was also at odds a lot with Rachel today.  It's a bit of a struggle.  Despite that, I'm happy with the week.  I got some work done in the yard today.  The work week went well, much better than I expected.  I guess I can take API to heart.  I did not get as much cleaned in the room as I wanted to, but I don't think I made anything messier.  Small steps to simplify things where I can in a busy, busy life.   I'm carrying forward a lot of To Do list items, but in the next few days I'll move some of them out of next week because I might as well admit I won't do them next week either.  Permanently moved the Wii Fit upstairs.  Will probably get more use.  Wish we'd bought two.

Weight (Saturday): 158.3 (13.3 to go)
Exercise (this week): Six walks (two were for meetings) - 12.46 miles total (no weekend walks)
Calories Today - Allowed (1,688) minus consumed (1,222) plus Exercise (415) = Under by 881 (under 3,325 for the week)
Jumping Jacks (cumulative): 100 150 (need to do more of these next week)
Sit-ups (cumulative): 20
Pushups (cumulative): 20

Chores To Do: zero (93 moved to next week)
Chores Done This Week: 268
Email: 53 40 38
Feedly: 12 zero
Reading: Inc. Magazine, March 2013 (page 22)
Reading: Decisive (87 115 of 292)
TED Talks to watch: 42 35


9:09 am - Did not sleep well last night, but I did put the book down and have my eyes closed pretty close to 11.  Rachel was up at a few points and Lori says Ben was as well.  Since I wasn't aware of all of those, I think we were up at different times and she probably got even worse sleep than I.  At one point, Rachel was in the bathroom making noise and after she was quiet again, I had to just sternly tell myself that I could go back to sleep, I would go back to sleep.   Surprisingly, it worked.  I thought I had given up any expectation of quiet time to myself, but Ben's not awake yet (he had his medicine and his curtains are open) and Lori's sitting in with Rachel trying to get her to get a few hours of sleep.  So I had a few minutes to do my body test and get some laundry going and start the coffee.  And then a shower, and depending on how directly Ben wants to play, I may or may not set to getting some chores done this morning.  Or I'll play with Ben.

1:15 pm - It has been a windy, blustery day.  Sitting in the living room, I can hear the rain on the roof.  I've gotten a lot done this morning, but actually spent some time with the children and a little bit with Lori.  I'm starting to realize something about my To Do list.  If there are a lot of big, similar issues, I see them as a single cluster and then just keep postponing all of them.  I think next week I need to look at the list and immediately move most of them to the following week.  That may make the surviving item feel a lot smaller and more likely to get done.  In this particular case, I'm thinking of all the paint touch-up work I have around the house.  This new weekly view into my tasks has also made it much easier for me to stick new ones onto the list when they occur to me and get them out of my head.  #gtd!  Time for lunch.

10:21 pm - Nice day.  Really hoping tonight's the night we get a decent night sleep.  Will not be in bed by 11 and definitely have to get up at 6 am tomorrow.  Bummer.

Weight (Saturday): 158.3 (13.3 to go)
Exercise (this week): Six walks (two were for meetings) - 12.46 miles total
Calories Today - Allowed (1,688) minus consumed (1,450) plus Exercise (228) = Under by 466
Chores To Do: 176 (many will repeat - need to focus more on non-repeating if I want to see progress)
Chores Done: 176
Email: 51 45 46
Feedly: 73 42 3
Reading: Inc. Magazine, April 2013 (completed)
Reading: Inc. Magazine, March 2013 (page 22)
Reading: Decisive (64 of 292)
TED Talks to watch: 45 42
Jumping Jacks (cumulative): 100
Sit-ups (cumulative): 20
Pushups (cumulative): 20


7:11 am - Good morning!  Today is going to be a good day.  It feels like it and it's currently my intent to do what I can to make it so.  I'd really like IHOP or Starbucks or McDonalds for breakfast, but I'll behave.  This weight loss thing is going to happen.  I actually got an 8 point increase on my health assessment year-over-year (from 84 to 92) based almost entirely on the weigh-in at 163 compared to 170 last year.  This time I'm going to make it happen.  I think this method of tracking my week is helping me live a little less in the moment, which is a good thing.  Let's aim for even keel.  Even better, let's set that baseline at laid back and chill.

5:13 pm - Didn't really slow down all day, but it was a good day.  Evening feels like it will be packed, too.  But good.

9:45 pm - Cannot believe how tired I am.  I did not do well this evening.  Didn't feel good and felt overwhelmed.  Hopefully a good night's sleep is what's next.  It's been raining non-stop all evening and that's been cool.  It's funny to think "darn, our house is too insulated, I can't hear it!"  It sure looked neat and maybe we'll have the window open while we read tonight or something.  Overall, this week has gone quite well, I think.  Looking to a busy Saturday, but not sure Sunday's all that bad.

Weight (Monday): 160.5 (15.5 to go)
Exercise (this week): 5 6 walks (one was for a two were for meetings) - 11.31 12.46 miles total
Calories Today - Allowed (1,703) minus consumed (1,816) plus Exercise (330) = Under by 217
Chores To Do: 184 179 178 (many will repeat)
Chores Done: 77 98 115 (stuff done yesterday and today that didn't get checked off)
Email: 53 57 47
Feedly: 90 105 69
Reading: Inc. Magazine, April 2013 (page 106)
Reading: Inc. Magazine, March 2013 (page 22)
Reading: Decisive (55 of 292)
TED Talks to watch: 50 45


7:04 am - It's difficult being up this early.  I don't know when it happened, but I think I need 7 hours of sleep now.  There was a time where I could get by with 5 or 6 and occasionally far less, but I probably wasn't a mentally well a person. I was probably able to cover it, though, by having a job that didn't provide a lot of conflict, gave me sufficient time to myself, not to mention fewer children with less pressing needs.  But, in the interest of health, better relationships and new requirements in my career and apparently changing health needs, I'm trying to get 7 hours.  Layer on top of that a new meeting at work every morning right at 8 am, I've had to change my schedule.  Instead of helping with my children and getting to work right at 8 and grabbing coffee and breakfast to eat while I read email, I'm having to get there much earlier to get oatmeal and coffee done before 8.  If I'm getting this quiet time to myself before work, then it would be nice if I could leave work closer to 5, but that's still been a challenge of its own.  Plus, it means not helping out as much with the children in the morning.  Maybe I need to aim to consistently be to the office by 7:30 and then leave at 4:30.  Something to think about.

5:13 pm - Man, what a busy day.  I thought it felt light, but it was anything but.  Wiped out.  Didn't even have time to drink my third cup of coffee.  But, a really good day.  Apparently I'm the "good cop" in certain meetings where Steve is present and he's the "bad cop."  Feels backwards, but I'll take it.  Ok, time to run.

10:05 pm - There's just not enough hours in the day.  Seriously. No walking or reading yet today, had lunch with Lori instead.

Weight (Monday): 160.5 (15.5 to go)
Exercise (this week): 5 walks (one was for a two were for meetings) - 11.31 miles total
Calories Today - Consumed (1,858) minus Exercise (232) = Under by 77
Chores To Do: 184 183 (many will repeat)
Chores Done: 66 77 (stuff done yesterday and today that didn't get checked off)
Email: 51 61 44
Feedly: 131 144 63
Reading: Inc. Magazine, April 2013 (page 106)
Reading: Decisive (33 of 292)
TED Talks to watch: 50


12:55 pm - Nope, it's been difficult getting online before work.  Email has just been flowing in like crazy today.  Today is going well.  A slower week, meeting-wise.  That's been nice.

5:10 pm - Today was a good day.  However, I can't believe it's already the end of the day Wednesday.  I feel like I've gotten nothing done this week.  And it's been a light week as far as meetings.  I had pledged to write a document by Friday based on a working session I had Monday afternoon, but now it's almost Thursday and I haven't had time to start it and some other more important stuff has come up in front of it.  Oy.  Today was a really nice day. It started off with heavy rain but by noon it was windy but sunny and I got my walk in.  Then I got a second walk in for a meeting.

10:15 pm - Busy day.  Even at home tonight, it was busy.  But now it's almost over and time to go read.  New book.  Remodel book will go on hold until this one's done.

Weight (Monday): 160.5 (15.5 to go)
Exercise (this week): 4 5 walks (one was for a two were for meetings) - 9.78 11.31 miles total
Calories Today - Consumed (1,418) minus Exercise (634) = Under by 919
Chores To Do: 190 191 184 (many will repeat)
Chores Done: 37 51 66 (stuff done yesterday and today that didn't get checked off)
Email: 71 69 48
Feedly: 115 123 109
Reading: Not So Big Remodel (67 of ...?)
Reading: Inc. Magazine, April 2013 (page 106)
Reading: Decisive (0 of 292)
TED Talks to watch: 52 50


5:08 pm - Still catching up to yesterday.  Hopefully the workweek won't prevent me from being more regular with this update.  Today was a good day at work.

10:13 pm - Getting back on schedule.  Well, closer to it.  Got down here a little late for exercise tonight, but got some chores done.  Glad about that.

Weight: 160.5 (15.5 to go)
Exercise (this week): 3 walks (one was for a meeting) - 6.9 miles total
Calories - Consumed (765) minus Exercise (250) = Under by 1,197
Chores To Do: 193 188 (many will repeat) - didn't do anything tonight
Chores Done: 1 37
Email: 57
Feedly: 66 44
Reading: Not So Big Remodel
Reading: Inc. Magazine, April 2013 (page 61 84)


7:44 am - Ok, new day, new week.  It's still early, I am not awake.  I'm not as hopeful or as optimistic as I'd like to be, but I'm awake and drinking coffee.  And I'm committed to my diet (again) (for now) and my chore list and better sleeping and better interactions with my family.  That's good stuff.  Oh, and tracking my vitals.  I don't mean like heartbeat and stuff like that, but happiness and attitude and stuff.

I'll just leave this open in a tab so I can flip over as needed and jot down notes.  8:44 am - Finding myself trending negative already, especially in one or two areas.  Think for now the best course of action is to double-down on trust.  9:10 am - In my absence  the team went ahead and made a daring move which resultingly gets one of my SMART Goals to a meets.  Yay, team.

5:01 pm - Wow, that day went quickly.  A bit draining, but not bad.  An awesome brainstorming session with Mike energized me.  I think we got a lot solved for one of our projects.

11:18 pm - Talk about a night that did not go according to plan.  Ben was sick, so mostly just sat with him while he alternated between being quite ill and being asleep.  He's doing much better now, we're able to give him a few ounces of water every 20 minutes.  In retrospect, I wish I had used that time to do some reading, but I didn't.  I did some online research that makes me really annoyed at Apple.  Apparently they don't actually want you creating DVDs.   I should be asleep or at least in bed with lights out right now, partially because I am trying to get 7 hours of sleep and partially because I have to fast until 8:20 tomorrow for a blood test and I'm very hungry and getting cranky.  I'm up too late.

Weight: 160.5 (15.5 to go)
Exercise: 2 walks (one was for a meeting) - 4.02 miles total
Calories - Consumed (1,200) minus Exercise (366) = Under by 849
Chores To Do: 184 (many will repeat) - didn't do anything tonight
Chores Done: 1
Email: 37 42
Feedly: 9 68 2
Reading: Not So Big Remodel
Reading: Inc. Magazine, April 2013 (page 61)

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