Monday, April 08, 2013

This @pandora_radio email is almost awesome (A Work-Related Post)

This Pandora email is smart - engaging and relevant, it invites me back and shows me that they've made something better for me.  Also, it is excellent for the 2-3 second skimming - a single message, a clear call-to-action.

Only problem is, I can't read it all all on my iPhone.

This could easily be optimized by:
  1. Increasing font size of button and nearly all text.
  2. Increase space between buttons in the header.
  3. Optionally, increase album size slightly for more clarity.  Of course, even at this size, I think it's pretty clear to anyone that these are album covers.  Their purpose is simply ornamental, to increase interest, so they still work at this size.
But all in all, kudos to Pandora for using relevance and newness as a driving factor to bring us back to their site.
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