Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 3 (Final)


9:11 pm - So it was more difficult to do these updates this week, but I've definitely internalized keeping mail and Feedly up-to-date and relying on Remember the Milk to make sure stuff gets done.  My observation this week, however, is that now I need to plan more at the start of the week to make sure I've chosen the right things to get done that week because I will always have more on my To Do list than I have time to do.

In the end, I came in under my caloric budget, but I was over by quite a bit one day for Date Night.  I got a lot of reading done but I couldn't get to bed as early as I wanted to.

So I finished the week with 140 situps and pushusp and 500 jumping jacks and completed 386 tasks.

The start for next week is 224 but I will remove some or postpone out and also some will get added as the week goes along, but I won't get into that until next week, unfortunately.  Today just didn't go as I thought it might, but that's my own fault.

The good news is that I feel more in control.


12:04 pm - Late start, but I've been busy.

10:05 pm - A good day.

Weight (Monday): 156.3 / Lose-It!: 1,675 minus 2,219 consumed plus 659 exercise equals 116 under. 
Jumping Jacks: 350 / Sit-ups: 140 / Pushups: 140


7:03 am - Went to bed later than I intended to last night.  Trying to aim for lights out at 11:30 pm now. 11 was just not working, by the time we were done watching TV and exercising, it was close to 10:30.  Getting upstairs and doing any last minute prep for the next day and then getting ready for bed often took us really close to 11.  If I tried to push it to get up here sooner or do less prep, that was strained and I felt rushed and it wasn't conducive to winding down.

1:07 pm - Happy, Happy Friday.  Yay, Friday.  Too rainy to walk.  Wrote and scheduled two future blog posts instead.

10:25 pm - Date Night.  Did not do any chores or read anything.  Started a fiction book. Also didn't track my calories tonight.


11:57 am - First chance to get on the computer... slept in, then a parent/teacher conference.  Rachel is doing excellently.  Not much else planned for the day.  I had requested this day off when I thought they would both be in school so that Lori and I could do some spring cleaning, but no, it seems like every time I turn around they're out of school.  Of course, now trying to find another random day to take off will be impossible based on my work schedule.

1:50 pm - It's been a fun two hours.  I've played with Ben, done a lot of chores, read a magazine, listened to some good music, watched a Skype chat scroll by as my team discovered and then fixed a major problem.  And even had Ben sit on the potty which he immediately used.  I think it's time I do some Wii Fit.  Oh, and I think I have let the cat up or down at least 648 times.  Getting old.

9:50 pm - So the newest revelation is that my current process lacks a planning stage.  Finish up on Sunday night, launch right in again on Monday, no break, no planning, no strategy.  Will have to try to figure out what that means.  It was weird having a day off mid-week.  Also, Menchies at home means it's a bit too melted for my tastes.  Didn't do much in my inbox today.

Weight (Monday): 156.3 / Lose-It!: 1,675 minus 1,660 consumed plus 282 exercise equals 297 under. 


7 am - Interesting.  Or not.  Just that when I get up early enough to do stuff in the morning, I feel more in control, my excited about the day.  Maybe because I've already taken control of it.

5:11 pm  - Busy day at work, but a good day.  And now, a mid-week vacation day.  Yay!

10:07 pm - Didn't get a lot done tonight.  I think I slacked because I'll have some extra time tomorrow.

Weight (Monday): 156.3 / Lose-It!: 1,675 minus 1,452 consumed plus 450 exercise equals 673 under. 


7:32 am - Yes... a good night's sleep is crucial. I did not get a good night's sleep last night.  Nor did Ben or Rachel.  Fortunately, I think Lori did.

12:58 pm - It occurs to me that you can't always Assume Positive Intent.  It may work for most purposes in a work setting, but with children?  Probably not.  I'm not thinking of something specific when I say that - Rachel did really well this morning considering she was up all night.  But it's something I've observed before.  Families don't always all pull in roughly the same direction the way you might expect a company to do in most cases.  I did not walk today at lunch, I just didn't really feel like it. Still trying to figure out the format of what I want to keep track of on a daily basis.

5:17 pm - It feels like it did not slow down.  I'd like it to slow down.  Only way I'll be able to put some strategy and effort into a reasonable to do list.

10:33 pm - All day long I've been thinking it was Wednesday or Thursday.  This is a long week at work already.  Not bad, just long.  Ok, the task list is in better shape.  Now I just need to work on the calendar.  A nice evening, dinner with Lori's mom and then get the kiddos ready for bed, do some exercise and here we are.  I feel like we're getting ahead again.  Not just caught up, but ahead.  That's a good feeling.  Trying to be in bed by 11 with the lights off?  Think that's actually not reasonable, if I want to get any reading done at night.  Moving the Wii Fit upstairs was the right move.  Wish I'd done that years ago.

Weight (Monday): 157.6 / Lose-It!: 1,684 minus 1,315 consumed plus 261 exercise equals 630 under. 


7 am - API - Assume Positive Intent.  That's my goal for the week. I feel good.  Had good night's rest (hallelujah!).  Cutting back on chores on my list to closer to what I think I can reasonably get done.  More paring to come.  But ultimately, postponing 93 items means there's a lot I just didn't get to.

5:10 pm - A busy day.  I feel like I got a lot done.  I don't feel stressed or overwhelemed.  Had a walk-and-talk meeting and also got in a walk by myself with some magazine reading.  I think I will need to resubscribe to Inc. magazine once I read all the magazines that have piled up next to the bed.  Drank less coffee than I intended to.  Now that's busy.  :)

9:34 pm - A quieter evening.  I had an overambitious to do list, but then don't I always?  I still need to work on my calendar and goals, but I feel like I'm more in control than I have been in awhile.  Watching a little TV and then some reading and bed.  I'm worried about sleep tonight, Ben is already up and making noise.

Weight (Monday): 157.6 / Lose-It!: 1,684 minus 1,550 consumed plus 663 exercise equals 797 under.  

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