Friday, April 19, 2013

Idea: Keyboard

So I got a new computer recently with a real nice keyboard. Switching from a PC to a Mac has meant a small adjustment, even if the QWERTYs are all in the same place.

Sure, it has the bumps on F and J like most keyboard do, but touch-typing still ends up taking a little practice.

So my idea is change the texture of the keys outside of the letters and shift.  So right away as your fingers move off to enter, alt, fn, command, control or caps lock, tab or the symbols to the right of P, you know it.  (Not all of us learned to type in a typing class with all the fingers in the right places.)

Also, why does Apple's OS/X Mountain Lion still show modifier characters when Apple's MacBook Pro keyboards no longer show those characters. It makes the learning curve more difficult than it need be.

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