Monday, April 15, 2013

Boundaries (A Work-Related Post)

At the edge of our sound booth there's two steps down.  I think I've seen people trip down these steps before, I think I may have tripped down these steps myself.  One morning, I found myself holding Ben and realized that my foot wasn't completely on the floor, it was partially over the edge of the step.  And I realized that I found comfort in that -- I felt more secure.  By knowing where the edge was, it was easier to be confident and sure of where I was.  

How often do we do what we do, having a good idea of how to do it, but less of a clear understanding of why we do it, or how to know when we're really done, or when we know what's good enough?

But to know where the edges, the guardrails, the fences are, it helps us to remain grounded and to better understanding the area within which we can work and play.

Is there anything you're doing today that feels unclear because the edges aren't defined clearly enough?

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