Friday, April 12, 2013

Feed Sift

Five cool things I've found cool this week...

Shopping by Billboard - in South Korea, you can shop for groceries while you wait for your train.  Colorful displays, designed to look like grocery shelves, show products. Scan them with your phone's app and the food is later delivered to your home. Cool. >> Web Urbanist

Mah Nà Mah Nà - I did not realize there were other versions of Sesame Street in other countries. Or that they had other Muppets. Cool. >> Mental Floss

Time Hacking - 26 productivity tips someone wishes they'd known at 20. Very quick hits on slides you can flip through quickly. You'll wait longer for the darned full-screen ad that comes up first. Slides - cool. Ad - not cool. >> Business Insider

Cranky Today, Fan Tomorrow - Six tips to turning a critic in to a fan. A quick and easy and smart read. Cool. >> Andy Sernovitz

Trippy Colors - A really slick system for finding the perfect colors for use online. Move the mouse around until you have that perfect color, then click the mouse. The screen will split so you can find the next perfect color. Rinse and repeat. Cool cool. >>Hail Pixel

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