Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 4 (Final)

Weight: 155.0 (Friday) - 10.0 pounds to go 
Lose-It: Budget 1,667 calories minus 1,816 consumed plus 366 from exercise equals 217 under. (Under 3k for the week.)
Walks: 7 (3 for mtgs) - 11.92 miles // Jumping Jacks: 300 // Pushups: 60 // Situps: 60

Remember the Milk: Day: zero left, 102 done
Email: 61 // Feedly: 73 // TED Talks: 5

Reading: Fast Company May 2013 (68 of 124); Fast Company Jan. 2013 (99 of 128)

9:32 pm - It feels like the week goes quicker when I'm tying to track it like this.  I'm not sure that's such a great thing?  So this was supposed to be my week to assess things.  I realized that I try to do too much, I end up postponing a lot of stuff and it might just be that some things that need to happen less frequently in order for some other stuff to get a chance to get done.

I went through day-by-day and I think I have a good plan for the week.  I may, however, still have overplanned.   That's something I should have a better understanding of by the end of the week.  The scary thing is I'm realizing that apparently my chores list has turned into a sprint.  Wow... when did that happen?  Well, I guess about five weeks ago.

So tomorrow has a lot of things and then the rest of the days are much lighter, but there's lots of daily items on the list tomorrow that once checked off tomorrow would show up on the next day.

I do think I'm quite oversubscribed for tomorrow.  We'll see.

Weight: 155.0 (Friday) - 10.0 pounds to go 
Lose-It: Budget 1,667 calories minus 1,585 consumed plus 560 from exercise equals 642 under.
Walks: 7 (3 for mtgs) - 11.92 miles // Jumping Jacks: 200 // Pushups: 40 // Situps: 40

Remember the Milk: Day: zero left, 47 done; Week: 152 more, 256 done
Email: 53 // Feedly: 86 // TED Talks: 5

Reading: Fast Company May 2013 (68 of 124); Fast Company Jan. 2013 (99 of 128)

11:32 am - A quiet morning.  Was nice waking at 6:40 and thinking I was late and then remembering it was Saturday.  Back to sleep and woke up just before my alarm at 8.  Got the children their medicine, got the coffee started, had a nice shower and then did some stuff around the house before taking Ben to get a haircut (that went well). It's cold and gray outside - the air smells really good.  It's cold but not COLD.  There might be a breeze, but it's not windy or unpleasant.  Very crisp.  Not good lawn mowing weather, though.  And it needs it.  We'll see if I get to it before it rains.  But today feels like a day to stay inside and drink coffee.  And read.  Except I've finished all my books.  So guess it's a day of reviewing books, reading magazines and doing stuff around the house.  Right now I'm in the living room and Rachel's in here reading books.  Lori and Ben are in the kitchen watching videos.  Just wanted to mention lest it sounded like I wasn't spending time with my family or just doing my own thing and neglecting them.

9:26 pm - A quiet day.  Got some niee time in playing with Ben and just hanging out with Ben.  The result of miscommunication, really.  I ended up mowing the lawns not knowing Rachel and Lori were waiting for me before starting a movie.  So when I came in, they hadn't started, but Ben's rest time was over, so they went and watched a movie and I hung out with Ben.  Silly boy today.  Starting to think about planning for next week.  Built additional views in Remember the Milk to look at month and quarter as well.

Weight: 155.0 (Friday) - 10.0 pounds to go 
Lose-It: Budget 1,667 calories minus 2,183* consumed plus 518 from exercise equals break-even.

7:19 am - Nothing like a good night's sleep. I woke up a few times but had no trouble getting back to sleep.  Everyone else seemed to sleep all night long as well.  Interesting dreams.  Some stuff that would get me in trouble in real life, but in at least one case, it was like a full story with a beginning, middle and end and it had a good feeling to it and I think even a bit of a soundtrack.  I feel a little tired, but also energized, enthusiastic and ready to take on the day.  Started Michael J. Fox's "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future" last night and immediately abandoned it.  Not recommended.  Didn't read long enough to even bother with a review beyond that.

10:07 pm - A really good day.  A long walk at lunch today with a friend, several good meetings and overall a quiet day.  Gorgeous weather.  Tonight we had friends over for dinner and to hang out so not much done on the to do list, but that's fine - life's not all about the to do list, right?  Dinner was really good but hard to track.  I'm pretty sure it didn't take all of my remaining calories (1,200), but since I can't be sure, I'm just recording it as break-even.

Weight: 155.9 (Wednesday) - 10.9 pounds to go 
Lose-It: Budget 1,673 calories minus 1,650 consumed plus 312 from exercise equals 335 under.

5:16 pm - Got to bed last night before 11:30, but had interrupted sleep and lost an hour.  Ended up snoozing more than 45 minutes to get up really late this morning.  Great weather today.  Got a lot done at work and had lunch with Lori.  Got something done that's been on my To Do list at work since early February.  It was one of 10, but that's still good.  Killed a lot of email last night.

10:16 pm - Ok, so I just need to plan for far less in the evenings and then be pleasantly surprised if I can do more than I had planned for.  I'm not learning as much from this assessment week as I'd thought.  Except that every night something derails me.  Tonight it was too children who were fussy and took forever to eat and a rat's nest of power cords that caused me to waste 20 minutes trying to get the satellite system to turn on.  I did finally get a few non-recurring things off my list but have thought of a few more I need to add.

Weight: 155.9 (Wednesday) - 10.9 pounds to go 
Lose-It: Budget 1,673 calories minus 1,716 consumed plus 481 from exercise equals 438 under.

5:17 pm - Phenomenal weather today.  I had two 1:1's outside while walking for a total of 2.5.  Good since I had a lunch-time meeting at Fatburger (I went with the hotdog for lower calories).  But that meant no reading at lunchtime.  But, I did get some reading in this afternoon on one of my work-assigned books.  I have a good to-do list for tonight.  I'll be surprised if I get to the lawn mowing, but am leaving it on there for now since this weekend will be a little bit busy.

10:17 pm - Yeah, I didn't get a lot done tonight.  I actually postponed 28 items I had identified as things I wanted to get done tonight.  Oh well.  Some things took longer than expected, including Ben who only wanted to eat one item at a time, handed to him (or offered so he could take a bite) as he walked around the kitchen.  It was still a nice evening, though didn't see a lot of Rachel because she had eaten before I got home and didn't join us at the table but stayed in the other room working on something.

Weight: 156.1 (Monday) - 11.1 pounds to go
Lose-It: Budget 1,674 calories minus 1,550 consumed plus 482 from exercise equals 606 under.

5:15 pm - A bit of a trying day, despite two meetings that were actually quite wonderful.  Also, Steve and Todd joined me on the 3 mile walk today.  That was kinda cool. It did mean no reading, though.   So... I've picked a smaller list of things to try to do tonight.  However, they're almost all repetitive tasks, so it's not like I'll get anything done for the week that will stay done.  I think I can get most but I hope I can get all of them.  What would be really nice would be if I could double-back and pick up some that won't repeat again this week (or next, even), but not sure.  Email is getting away from me and Feedly's creeping back up.  I wouldn't say things are out of control, but they are certainly less in control at the moment.  But, that can all change moment by moment.  Now it's time to get back outside and enjoy some of this spectacular weather for the drive home.

10:39 pm - It's a little later than I'd like to be wrapping up, but I did get some reading in already tonight, so that's cool.  I'll either finish "The Cove" tonight or come close.  I also got a lot done tonight and had a much shorter list of things undone because I planned better.  So got some laundry done and some vacuuming and some time working with Ben on colors.  Not a lot, but a little.  And some play time.  Did not spend any time on email.  I'm going to have to focus on it soon as it's a little scary.  Also did not do any jumping jacks or pushups again.  Not too surprising, I suppose.  I snoozed the alarm for about 40 minutes this morning, so didn't really do anything before work.

Weight: 156.1 - 10.9 pounds to go (Exercise: 1 walk - 2.8 miles)
Lose-It: Budget 1,674 calories minus 1,435 consumed plus 531 from exercise equals 770 under.

5:22 pm - I tried to start a post this morning but just didn't have time.  Lunch was also busy with that walk.  I think this particular daily log is less and less important as long as I get more and more strategic about what's on my To Do list.  I just cleaned it up a bit for tonight, but I know I still have far too much on the list for tonight.  We'll see what gives and I'll start seeing if it's the right stuff that gives.   Today was a good day at work and the weather was absolutely spectacular.  Now, a few brief precious hours with my family at home.

9:55 pm - I'm changing it from "Strategy" to "Assessment" - I'm not ready to be strategic, but I can start to assess when I'm able to get done or not done in a week.  Essentially, I have about an hour in the morning to get ready and to maybe help with the children's morning medicine.  Then there's work which also gives me about an hour of personal time for lunch which I often will spend walking and reading.  I'll spend a few minutes after work transitioning and then it's in the car home.  I'll get about 60-75 minutes with the family for dinner and then the little ones have medicine and their bedtime routines.  Then some time to get some stuff done between 7:30-9 and then it's downstairs to exercise and watch TV.  Back upstairs by 10:30 at the latest and a few more chores and some reading before aiming for lights out at 11:30.  So, this week, I'll focus on what I think I can get done at the start of the day and what remains undone at the end, and if it's the right stuff, or if there was stuff I should have gotten to but didn't.

For tonight, I didn't get any time studying in with Rachel (that may not ever be possible during the week) or any study/therapy in with Ben (but did play with him quite a bit), still haven't updated my goals page or book page on here (quelle horreur!) and no pushups, situps or jumping jacks.  I could still do some, but I don't feel like it.

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