Sunday, April 07, 2013

Feed Sift

Cool/interesting stuff I've encountered recently...

-1- How do Republicans rule in Washington when they don't have the numbers?

Crosscut takes a look at why even though Rodney Tom defected from the Republican party several years ago, Republicans have banded together to make him the top dog in the Washington State Senate and why even though it seems like he wavers, he's actually very steady and it's everyone else around him who waffles. Crosscut

-2- Maldives & More: 12 Envy-Worthy Resorts of the Rich

Amazon Wish List potential. WebUrbanist

-3- Snowflakes Under Magnification

Fascinating. TwistedSifter

-4- Town without People

Namie in the Fukushima Prefecture is uninhabited but Google was allowed to send a car in to document the modern ghost town. Google Maps

-5- Wal*Mart crowd-sourcing delivery?

Ok, this is creepy. Wal*Mart's apparently thought about asking people leaving the store if they wouldn't mind dropping something off on their way home. Engadget
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