Sunday, July 18, 2010

Odds and Ends 34


ENGADGET -- Chrome overtakes Safari for number three browser spot in the US sez StatCounter. Wow.


I, CRINGLEY -- Apple Goes Semi-Pro, Part 2 - AppleTV to become a video game platform with iPods and iPhones as the Wii-like controllers? Wonder how often these are real products that he has inside knowledge on and how many times he convinces other companies to create products simply by inventing them and then suggesting that a particular company is already working on them?


SETH GODIN -- Goodbye to the Office


THE HIGH CALLING -- Wages and Roses


REDISTRIBUTING KNOWLEDGE -- Scrubs their "General Betrayus" Ad


MASHABLE -- 10 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Apple - fascinating might be an overstatement


UNCLUTTERER -- Ask Unclutterer: Encouraging kids to help out at home

-8-10- After the break...
Videos for a new product from Samsung, an upgrade from Ford and a music video from a Tesla fan that works best with the sound off.


Samsung's cleverly(not really) named SGR-1 (Security Guard Robot). This is a six minute video full of every cliche from every bad sci-fi movie. And it's for a real product that has its own gun. That's kind of scary.


Ford's SYNC increases its command library (for voice recognition) to around 10,000 words. Semi-interesting demo. Agree with Engadget. Too many prompts and a little slow. Like changing the temp. Seems like little context-sensitive up/down buttons next to the voice button on the steering wheel would be way quicker.

-10- VIDEO

Dippin' in my Tesla. Actually, I couldn't get all the way through this. But the pictures of the cars are cool.

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