Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amazon's Got a Marketing Problem

So you've probably heard of the Kindle. Another multi-hundred-dollar gizmo for the technocrats, right?

Wrong. Sort of.

Kindle is a, well, ecosystem. I know, an annoying heady word. But, really, it is. You can get the free software for your PC, your Mac, your iPod/iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android, etc. (Scroll down below the pitch for the expensive doo-dad you don't need.)

You don't even need one of their fancy gadgets. You can just use any of the devices you already have.

I admit it, I do like the ability to hold a book in my hands. Of course, my nightstand is overflowing with books and magazines in progress. And one of the books I have to keep sending back to the library because it's taking me forever to read.

So tonight, I decided enough was enough. Downloaded the app for the iPhone and the two computers, and now I can read the book anywhere. Handy.

And it's so slick that I'm looking into our library who also offers borrowing through a different electronic system because I think I'm starting to like this "having lots of books with me" thing.
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