Monday, July 26, 2010

Odds and Ends 37


ENGADGET -- Community-developed Pivot Power strip now available to order - clever - allows every power outlet on the power strip to accommodate a big bulky power brick


LIFEHACKER -- Seven myths about grilling


SEATTLE MET -- Google Map of Seattle Street Vendors


INFOSTHETICS -- Zoom Into Your Roof - In Belgium, a small plane carrying a thermographer recorded heatloss through roofs of a large part of Belgium. You can now go online and see how much energy/heat is being wasted through your roof and get help in minimizing heat loss.


*church friends - tread carefully, but still important*

FAIL BLOG -- Understanding of the Internet FAIL - Wow... this... wow... major failures all around. So, backstory. Girl (11?) posts video full of cursing saying how she's better than everyone (scroll part way down the page to see it. Or don't. It's 4:30 of swearing no one needs to see.) So then she posts it to YouTube after having apparently never ever ever read a single comment ever posted on that site. Flash forward to the second video (at the top of the page, remixed with autotune in the middle of the page and also re-enacted poorly with legos near the bottom) where she's crying because of the mean things people said and her dad gets in on it (by kneeling so that he can appear in the camera) throwing around useless threats about calling the cyber-police and that he's "back-traced" and knows who it is and "consequences will never be the same." It's one of those really tragic, but at the same time funny (because they brought it on themselves) type of things.


WSDOT -- Washington announced 'Electric Highways Project' (part of 'West Coast Green Highway' with Calif. and Ore.


MSNBC -- Calif. city fires all staff, outsources everything (many staff - not including police force - were hired back on a contract basis)

Google, exoskeletons and a rickroll replacement?


Google's latest search story: Brother and Sister


HULC exoskeleton lets soldiers effortlessly carry 200 pounds using predictive hydraulics.

-10- VIDEO

Can I suggest this as a replacement for people who are getting bored of Rick-Rolling their friends?

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