Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I dreamt the other night that a bunch of my coworkers went on strike. I had been out of the office the day they decided that. When I came in and found out about it, I was immediately opposed to the plan, but it had been decided. So, they weren't talking to me.

And of course, the organization wasn't talking to me, either. They had turned off the lights and people were removing computers and desks and cube walls.

They hadn't taken my phone yet, so I tried to call HR. The call was answered two people - someone from legal who announced my name and a person from HR to calmly explained that she wouldn't talk to me and that this was their standard procedure for strikes.

I tried to explain that I just wanted to work and I really didn't understand this and wanted no part with the strike, but she cut me off and said that she couldn't and wouldn't talk to me as long as the strike was going on.

Very happy to wake up from that because man it was a stupid dream.
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