Thursday, July 29, 2010

Odds and Ends 39


FAIL BLOG -- Answer Win


CROSSCUT -- How a quiet culture war is dividing Seattle - I Love Crosscut


ANDY SERNOVITZ -- Zombies On My Doorstep -- End the Phonebook Spam - In the first 12 months we lived here, we received 14 phone books. We had requested two, most of the rest of them were Tacoma in Pierce County instead of the Seattle/King County books that included our town.


SETH GODIN -- Getting Unstuck: Solving the Perfect Problem


MASHABLE -- 10 Great Geek Tees For Kids


ENGADGET -- Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid headed for production - 78 mpg, 500hp, $650k (but it does qualify for $7,500 tax credit!). Oh, and it's a nice looking car, to be sure.

-7-10- VIDEOS

After the break - Google's latest search story, the Coke Hapiness Machine, Darth Jobs and Minority Report's gloves were stupid (and unnecessary).


Google Search Story's latest.


The Coke Happiness Machine. Details and interview with the creators.


The transformation of Steve Jobs. I knew it. One slightly gross part.

-10- VIDEO

Forget Tom Cruise and his silly gloves or those guys with their multi-colored fingers. Touchless 3D manipulation. (Though a glove would still be good to add more functionality because you could add buttons to your index finger to be pressed by your thumb. Or to the back of your hand to be pressed by fingers on your other hand.)

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