Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Secret Agent Man

I got a nod today. A pretty cool nod. A double-nod if you will. An opportunity came up and a lot of people wanted it, but the powers that be thought to maybe toss it my way. It's a visibility-raising opportunity. That's a given. Whatever else is involved, well, I'm not sure yet. It kind of plays out. At the very least, I'll be a consultant, a listening ear. It's interesting, it's almost like a double-agent, except that everyone knows why I'm going to be there. Maybe you could call me a liason or a something.

We've run out of stuff on the DVR. Which is fine, we have Firefly and Serenity to watch. It's taking us awhile, but we finally finished the first episode of Firefly. I gotta hand it to Joss, he does a great job of creating worlds that are more fully formed out of the gate than some. And of course now Glee is on. I probably have to agree that I am technically watching it. I don't watch the show, but I didn't leave the room when Lori turned it on, so I guess I have to admit that I'm watching this episode. And yes, it is funny, and not just the Sue parts, but mostly the Sue parts.

Today was a bit of a challenge. It was my only day to really work for the next week. Tomorrow I have a 3-hour meeting overlapping with a 6-hour training session. And then the next day, a 7-hour training session. Then Friday several hours of the day is in a team-building exercise. And then next Monday is a full-day off-site. Yeah, I pretty much put on my out-of-office message and just said if it's not critical, it's going to be awhile before you hear back from me. There was some back and forth on an issue and I told someone "I wish you had told me this yesterday or tomorrow." In the end, and I'm not sure where it came from (which happens pretty often) I made the best of the situation, snuck some bad news into a message with a lot of solutions and suggestions. I was surprised to not get a response back yet, but now, well, now they'll see my out-of-office message. I'm not sure if a "heh" is appropriate or not. Probably not.

After work, I came home as Rachel and Lori were leaving for Rachel's dress rehearsal. Ben was up and so I gave him a bath that he really enjoyed. And then I started making pancakes. They were the worst pancakes I've ever made, not counting any that have ever been burnt. I don't know what was wrong, but they weren't the right consistency. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, but I still knew. The only good thing about the consistency was that I was able to make letters to spell out R-A-C-H-E-L and L-O-R-I. Of course, Lori didn't realize this and grabbed the L and too round ones. I made a double-batch so that there was plenty to freeze. I never knew this, but apparently you can just pop them into the toaster and they come back to life as good as new. Or as good as this batch was to begin with.

I also fought with the computers tonight. Our camera is supposed to whisk the photos right over to the camera as soon as you come in range of a wireless network, but for the past month and a half it wasn't working and the software was saying the card in the camera needed an update, but I've been unable to find the card reader. I installed the newer version of the software they'd emailed me about. Then I installed it on the laptop and plugged the laptop directly into the printer because the printer has a card reader but the printer is nowhere near the computer (because it's also connected wirelessly). Plugging the card in the printer showed the photos, but I couldn't download them and the software wouldn't recognize the card in the printer. Apparently it's not as straightforward as a card reader. So I started screwing with the wireless network. And the new software on the computer. The new software had a checkbox that said "Send photos to this computer." and it wasn't checked. Are you kidding me, Eye-Fi? That's the one thing that you do. And there's a box that's unchecked? In a piece of software that I didn't have before tonight? I wonder if by default it was "checked" back when there was no checkbox on the old software and when they rolled out the new one they unchecked everyone? What the heck? Anyhow, I got the network all resecured, but now this laptop is having difficulties, it's reporting even right now that it's not connected to the network, and yet I'm online. Of course, it keeps dropping off the network and I have no idea why or how to completely correct it. So glad the new laptop has been ordered and is expected to be here before the end of the month. It might actually get here before the iPhone. Amazing.

I've been enjoying all the rain. I even had the sunroof open for a little while during the drive home. I figure it wasn't too heavy and the seats are leather. But it's been refreshing to walk in, fun to drive in, and really relaxing to watch. Of course, the next few days are actually predicted to get warmer and warmer to almost 80 by the end of the week.
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