Friday, April 30, 2010

I Wish They Could Always Be Friday

Wow, I am wiped out. Weekend. Rah.

In most senses of the word, I'm only 30 minutes behind schedule. But in others, I'm probably closer to 45 to 60. It's been a day. I've been a week.

Let's start with roll-call.

The 1's and 2's - Tuesday WIN

Another J - Today's email. FAIL.

That department with that form. FAIL.

That department that insists we use their self-service tool and then rejects everything we do in the tool because we did the wrong stuff. EPIC FAIL. Next time I need you, I'll be in your office and we're going to use the tool together because I don't need your rejections. Now that, that's not efficient, but I don't like the hand slaps.

Same department, different tool - ULTIMATE VENDOR FAIL. I have never ever ever encountered a more absolutely and totally frustrating website ever. It's poorly built, its structure makes no sense, even the way it displays data makes no sense. It is absolutely the worst site on the internet from the perspective of actually getting anything done. And I've used

Corey - we missed you tonight. It was utter chaos and five children not there. The utter chaos was like 99% Ben.

CNET - I have to love you, you're one of the few that's lasted. RIP MapQuest, RIP RentNet, RIP CSOTD, RIP PointCase. But you, CNET, have been around forever. But you change your newsletter in such a simple, simple way that completely breaks on Notes? It's not like you're doing anything fancy like Barnes and Noble. But after I point it out to you and you ask for more details and I sent you screen shots, it takes you over a month to get it fixed? And then when I let you know, you suggest that maybe Lotus Notes changed something? Not possible. IBM already changed something last year. P.S. Now you broke your footer.

Lori dreamt that I blew up the house. Well, I suppose that's not technically true, she woke up before it blew up which is too bad because I wanted to hear about it. But apparently we had loaded stuff into the car as if we were going on vacation (she said we only had one child, Rachel and she wasn't sure if we had any pets) and then I set the alarm system, but that that was also the trigger for the explosion, that it was going to go off 5 minutes after we left. She thought it was an insurance scheme. But then she realized there was a lot of stuff she still wanted so she was trying to run around grabbing up more stuff. I suggested (in real life) that you'd want to leave some stuff so that the investigators wouldn't suspect us, but she didn't like that idea. Anyhow, I have no plans to actually blow up the house, but maybe that suggests something about what she thinks of the house currently?

The other night I was dreaming that we had three children and they were all asleep and I was laying down to go to sleep myself when one of them started screaming. Turned out Ben was screaming in real life (he was hungry), but it was weird, because coming out of the dream into reality was such a subtle shift that when I went into the hall, I was trying to figure out which child was crying and which room it was coming from and at the same time, I knew something was slightly off as I couldn't remember the name of our third child. Slowly and hazily the feeling went away and then we only had two again. Was weird.

Though not as weird as today when I came back from walking. It hadn't seemed overly sunny, but I didn't have sunglasses or anything. But as I entered the building, I suddenly had trouble seeing. It was incredibly dark. It was light enough that I could see where I was going but then going up the stairs, I kind of counted stairwells instead of looking at signs because it was so dark. Even going back to my desk, it was more like just going based on a pre-programmed route, not on my ability to clearly see where I was going. By the time I reached my desk, I was able to see a little more clearly, but there was still very little color, everything was without hue, slightly sephia tone. Eventually it returned to normal, but that was incredibly weird and trippy.
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