Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Grand Day

Today was a good day. First, I almost got up early enough. I got up at 6:40. Next week, I'll try 6:15. I was able to get in 30 minutes of walking, but by the time I got back upstairs, Ben was already awake. So Lori ended up getting them both started on breakfast while I showered and got ready. Lori ended up having to pack her own breakfast to take with her because she didn't have time to eat. Lori left, she was on worship team so they had a practice before church. The three of us finished getting ready and, yeah, I would have liked an extra 10-15 minutes. We did get there on time, but just barely. I'd like to get there a little earlier so that we can walk more casually around the church to drop off Ben's bag in the nursery (he goes into the service with me at the start -- I want him to experience the music and I'm pretty sure he likes it) and then walk Rachel to her classroom on the other side of the building.

Church was good, though I do have to admit I got a little sidetracked by the part in Genesis where God says "Let us make man in our image." and since I was reading along on the really cool YouVersion iPod App, I have to admit I clicked over to studies related to that passage to read more about it.

Then we had our adult bible study. We're going through a book called "Sacred Marriage." Interesting talk today. I really need to actually read the book, though, so I can be more connected.

Afterwards, Lori and Rachel went to a birthday party and Ben and I went home. Ben was crying and rubbing his eyes even in the middle of lunch, so I put him to bed, he went down very quickly.

Then I set to bringing some order from the chaos of our kitchen. The weekend had been extremely busy and there was some order-making required. I removed everything from the table except the absolute essentials. I pulled everything off the counters except the canisters. Dirty dishes on the kitchen table, everything else on the dining room table. (Now... that's gonna need help next.) Emptied, loaded and ran the dishwasher, staged some other stuff. Listened to a lot of great music on iTunes. Got my utility knife from the garage and adjusted something. I was tempted to use the Dremel, but I was worried about melting it. I also did some reading in Google Reader. that thing is out of control.

Then when Lori came home, I headed outside. I forgot about some of the stuff I had left undone in the kitchen and remembered it only later when I came back inside, just before I stepped into the kitchen. Anyhow, I got a lot done outside, too. I put down some more weedblock and bark, mowed three of the four lawns, raked up some more moss in the main lawn, put down some more fertilizer and moss killer and then watered. Some people walked by. I had my headphones on listening to the iPod, but I think they were muttering about me watering my lawn even though it had rained yesterday. Snooty jerks. You have to water immediately after putting the stuff on the grass, so what do they know?

I'd like to think the backyard is coming together, but it's not. I've been dumping loads of dirt from the front yard into the backyard where Lori's vegetable garden was a few years ago, and I haven't even fully mowed the lower lawn yet because it was so overgrown that I'm having to attack it in stages. Last week was the first run at it and I got a lot of it. I worked more towards the edges today and it had already grown a few inches all over, so I worked at that, and at moving the clippings to a single pile. I need to rake them up and bag them and put them in the trash since lawn clippings are not considered yard waste. ?!?!!? The upper back lawn is still probably at least a foot tall, I haven't mowed it it since last year. Lori's warming to the idea of killing all of it and turning it into a massive deck. That would be pretty sweet. That would give us lots of area for hanging out and hosting and stuff. I guess I need to get more pier blocks from mom and dad. Anyhow, that was two hours of pretty good working out. Unfortunately, I went out just as Ben was waking up, so Lori didn't get to do any of the things she had planned like bible studies or riding the exercise bike. I probably should have told her sooner that I had hoped to go outside when she got home. And then I had offered to only work outside a little bit and then come in and she didn't respond, not realizing I was looking for a response. When I didn't get one, I just did lots of work outside.

And I just got another hour of walking in. We just watched the first episode of Parenthood. We have all of the ones recorded so far. I'm not interested in watching any more of them. I wanted to like it, but I didn't.