Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sitework in Progress

For those of you who visit my site (versus reading it in Facebook or Google Reader), you'll notice some changes.

Yesterday Facebook had those whole thing about being able to use like on Yelp! and other cool sites and I thought "Hey, I'm a cool site.  I must add LIKE to my site as well."

Now, granted, I only have three readers (yep, I lost one.  JC -- no, not that JC -- has stopped reading me.  I ticked her off.), so I won't get any likes on my posts, but now it is possible.

While there's still work to be done, I think it's already looking better than it was.  There are fewer ads, they seem to be better ads, the layout is cleaner and more pleasant.  (Ads may start appearing in the Google Reader feed if they don't already.)

But, a few things are still weird... my Twitter stream (which is mostly pointless since it's auto-populated every time I post on here) and my Shared Items need a dark background behind them if they're to be readable.  Will work on that.  Or, will remove since the Twitter feed is pointless and I've not been good at sharing items (since I've been using the "Odds and Ends" posts to post my favorite finds).

And there's too much stuff on the right nav.  With Blogger's new ability to create static pages, I'm looking into the ability to have things like labels only appear on a separate static page.  Or at the bottom of only the individual articles as a tag cloud.  I miss the tag cloud.

And, trying to break up longer posts so that the main page is shorter.  I believe that if you're reading in Google Reader or Facebook nothing will change on that front.

Behind the scenes, all kinds of stuff is whacked... Disqus' color scheme is horid, Google Analytics are missing,  stuff like that.  Stuff you don't care about anyhow.

But all this to say that if you read my blog at my website, that's why all the weirdness.
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