Thursday, April 15, 2010

Odds and Ends 21


CROSSCUT -- Less is more in punishing crime


SETH GODIN -- When in doubt, disaggregate


SARCASM SOCIETY -- Top 10 Most Sarcastic Simpsons Quotes. Yeah, if you only spend 3 minutes on research and put them all in the wrong order. Though, seriously, a quick and fun read.


SVIRGES RADIO -- Let us sing that for you - better than Let Me Google That For You. (Except what's up with not having words like "rude" and "dude" and "served"? How can I write my next masterpiece with it?


FLICKR -- Rock 'n Roll Metro Map - If you want to get from The Beatles to Deathcab for Cutie you'll need to transfer at The Who, Billy Idol, Greenday or Blink 182.


DAMN I WISH -- How hard is it for a customer to leave?


TUMBLR -- Tom Selleck, a Waterfall, a Sandwhich - where do people come up with this stuff? How odd.


Cat chooses a weird place to relax. Guy plays well, though. Despite the impending backache.


I'm on a horse. 80 seconds praising Old Spice for making such a great ad. (I don't watch ads and I know which ad he's talking about. It was Today's Best Thing a week or two ago.)

-10- VIDEO

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