Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Feeling Goofy

I am feeling goofy. And I like it. I think it all started at lunch today. Or my lunch break, at least. I needed to watch Ben so that Lori could stay with Rachel during her dental appointment. (Only parents are no longer allowed back where the kids are anymore. Which in this day and age is actually weird to be going the other direction. But I'm not suggesting anything, this dentist is awesome and his office is very open and there are lots of people working there, so I think it's a very safe place for kids. Anyhow, that was a digression into weirdness, but let's get back to the topic at hand. Am I burning words here? Maybe. Maybe unnecessarily.)

So I took Ben and I took Lori's car keys. And it was off to Home Depot. And now, another little side-trip. Dear @HomeDepot - please move all large bagged items to the same place in the store. Anyhow, yeah, so pushing Ben in with one hand in a shopping cart and then pulling a flatbed trolley in my other hand. I was my own little train. A number of people offered to help, but I mostly just said no thanks. But, yeah, so one end of the store to get four bags of bark and then all the way to the other end of the store to buy three 60 pound bags of gravel. Some guy saw me and said "How many are you getting?" and grabbed one for me. Then asked if I was done and I said yep and he grabbed the flatbed and started pushing it towards the front of the store.

But then I got to the service desk and said "Oh, I need to stop and see if they have any smocks." He disappeared (we couldn't move anyhow, some forklift action blocking the path - Ben seemed to enjoy) and then reappeared awhile later carrying a smock. Woo hoo. Been trying to get him one for almost two years now.

Then I was on my own again. I'm glad I didn't get anymore because I stuffed the back of Lori's truck full. And then went to try to get a Philly Cheesesteak but the place was closed. Not sure if permanently or what, bummer. So drove the car back, dropped off Ben, went to Fatburger and got a very unhealthy lunch. The woman there either figured I was much younger than I was, or she was hitting on me, but, yeah, that was weird.

Back to work, and that was the biggest burger I'd ever seen. I had ordered a medium, but the burger itself was probably a large or extra large. That rocked. Maybe everyone at Fatburger thought I was awesome.

That was a long lunch break. Worked the evening, then worked late in order to make up for the long lunch break. Working late can be fun. It's been awhile since I did that. There's more interplay and ideas being thrown around. Jokes. Fun.

The evening was far out of the ordinary, but things are coming back on track now. And I'm just feeling good. I'm feeling goofy, like being funny and non-sequitous.

Friends of ours had heard we hadn't seen Firefly/Serenity and handed us the discs for both, so we're starting Firefly now. It's kinda cool being able to watch stuff without commercials. And it's cool when cancelled shows are allowed to wrap up. Even Pushing Daisies was allowed a little vignette to resolve a lot of things when they got canceled. That was classy. I'm worried about FlashForward and I'm grateful that they set an end date for LOST so far in advance. I thought Dollhouse ended weird, but at least stuff was wrapped up. Unlike some shows where it was just gone. Especially on cable with weird schedules. Like The Riches. That was canceled two years before I finally thought to go to Wikipedia to confirm it. I'm glad AMC's kept Breaking Bad going. That is one bizarre and twisted show. I would have never started watching it if Malcolm's dad wasn't the star (and it was actually Lori that suggested we start it, she didn't make it more than a handful of episodes) but now I'm glad I did. It's so different from just about anything else I've seen. It's weird not having an actual hero to root for.

But yeah, it's kinda lame how often networks don't wrap stuff up. And yet we keep coming back for more.
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