Sunday, April 18, 2010

Theologically Unsound

In some shape or form, these thoughts of have been rattling around in my brain. Some are a few years old, some are brand new tonight. But they all come out of the idea the universe is a really, really big place.

Are we really alone? Does the Bible say concretely that we are on the only inhabited planet? I think a lot of people infer it, but what's to say that God has created other worlds with other planets with inhabitants that look like us (also in the image of God)? That is, what if the original Star Trek was right? "Aliens" just look like us with maybe different skin tones or foreheads or ears?

What if God were cursed? For eternity, trying to create a race of beings that had free will but ultimately didn't reject Him en masse?

What if Jesus made the same presentation of salvation on every planet His dad created? An interesting take on that alternate or infinite universe theory. And if a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day, what would it be like when he popped down to Earth?

"Hi, I'll bet Out of the Office until next Tuesday with no access to email or phone. For urgent needs, please contact Martha at x6122, otherwise I'll return your email when I get back. Please pray for this planet and its inhabitants, I make it 33 of their years this time and have high hopes for them."

And what if Jesus secretly popped back up to Heaven at night to feed His goldfish? That's the one that's been in my brain the longest, I can just see his apartment. All white furniture, a few nice pieces of art on the wall, a few nice blown glass vases up against the wall. The lighting subdued and a fish-tank on the passthrough between the living room and the efficiency kitchen. If you ever saw my Sherman Oaks apartment on Van Nuys Blvd., kind of like that but with much nicer furniture.

This is what happens when I start talking free will and predestination with people. We can only truly love God if we have the free will to choose not to, but then since God knows everything, why create the circumstances in which so few do? That's discouraging to me. I have been discouraged too much lately as I think about the state of things these days. I realized I was probably reading too much on Facebook or news sites and not spending enough time immersed in some good uplifting music.

These are simply the ramblings of my mostly insane mind, so please don't pick it apart or tell me I'm wrong or dumb or going to hell or thump a Bible in my direction. (Thoughtful criticism is OK, but that's rarely what you get on the internet, so if you post a response and it immediately gets deleted, don't be surprised at all.)