Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Odds and Ends 20


MASHABLE -- Top Twitter Trends April 3-9 Easter, Justin Bieber, Follow Friday, Twitter, Apple. See post for rest of list and insight into why each bubbled to the top.


BRANDAUTOPSY -- A Crowdsourced Barbie Doll - apparently there was a concerted effort to stuff the ballot box by engineers. My wife's take surprised me. Good, she said. There's a lot more opportunties for engineers and there needs to be more women in this field. (As for complaints about the pink laptop - one of our techs at work has a pink laptop. She bought it herself and prefers it to the company issued gray ones.


CROSSCUT -- Smart cities prowl other smart cities for ideas


SETH GODIN -- Accepting limits


TV BARN -- Conan on cable! Why Team CoCo is smart to go to TBS


COLOR ME KATIE -- Pacman Street Art


FAILBLOG -- Bacon Tuxedo - how is this a fail?


Cat playing with an iPad


Balloon-tying jig to help kids and people engaged in water balloon fights to more quickly re-arm.

-10- VIDEO

"I'm a horrible father." Not really. Also, scroll back in my Facebook profile for one called "Kylee Fit" - hilarious. Also ends with "I'm such a mean dad." but also not really.