Sunday, March 02, 2008


There are doughnuts on the table in front of me.

Here's why I'm not having one (or two):

1. I ate a fine breakfast, including coffee before I got here.

2. There will always be more doughnuts.

3. These particular doughnuts are nothing special.

4. Lori can't enjoy them because of her gestational diabetes. By not eating any, I am being supportive.

5. The dougnuts look a little slimy.

6. They look like they came from Safeway. Safeway makes really sub-par doughnuts.

7. Not healthy. Will cause weight gain instead of weight loss.

8. I'd have to exercise more just to get back to this point. (That is, my exercise is more effective by not.)

9. I'm kinda full. I feel a little queasy. The doughnut(s) would make me feel ill.

10. They're all the way at the other side of the room. I'd have to get up, walk over there and reach between people I don't know... Don't want to make a scene.

11. There's probably no good doughnuts (old fashioned, crunchy apple ones, etc.) in the box, they usually go first, it's harder to screw those up.

12. There will always be more doughnuts.

Ok, so I've pretty much convinced myself that I don't want one, but have also made myself a little bit sick.
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