Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spring Hopes Eternal

Ah, the feeling of spring. However fleeting. Tomorrow's supposed to be wall-to-wall rain. But for today, it was spectacular. I didn't get out of the house to work until after 6. Started with a run to the gas station for gas for the mower and car. And then back home, mowed both back lawns. The air is now heavy laden with the smell of cut grass. My lawn, however, is sad. It is now bright green, thanks to the 2-3" of soft spongy moss that the grass was growing up out of. The only evidence of grass is that which was pushed under the wheels of the mower and had not yet sprung back up via subsequent passes. I miss the grass of southern California. All you had to do was not water it too much. Obvious, that grass would not thrive here. I also had the chance to pull some weeds and clean the grill while Rachel played on the playset my former boss gave to us. She and her sibling(s) will get a lot of use out of it in the coming years.
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