Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's been a whole stupid month since I've posted. This is to the detriment of so many of my goals.

Worst, I weigh as much as I did when I started this. Our health plan gives us a $360 discount each year if we agree to a basic medical examination and (where required) show an improvement the next year. I was not required to show improvement last year because they said I was healthy. However, this year, not so good news. I have gained 17 pounds since last April. The weather has been overall more crummy this year, work has been busier and I've been less motivated. I've not had a blizzard (not counting the blizzard birthday cake) in a long, long time (can't remember exactly when. Ditto ice cream in general... maybe the beginning of February?). I've gone to Starbucks less often. I could list the other stuff I've done, but big freaking deal. 17 pounds don't lie.

As a result, I'm in a little trouble with my medical results for weight, body mass index and good cholesterol. I've sent the dietary recommendations to Lori, but she's really not in a position to plan both a low-carb gestational diabetes diet and a cholesterol-adjusting diet at the same time, so I'll only be able to pursue that track where it aligns with what she's already having to do for herself.

I could also stand to drink more water. Only I can't stand water, except when I've been running, which I also can't stand. Lori says there's no calorie flavoring you can now pour into water to make it edible. Need to look into this.

Ok, tomorrow I am taking the last of the girl scout cookies to work. This week... I will not eat any candy. I will not eat any cookies. I will not eat any doughnuts. I will not eat any pastries. I will not have Starbucks. I will not go out to eat. I will not eat any cake.

I'm really bitter and I hate this but I guess I hate the alternative more.

On the flip side, I seem to have grown half an inch taller since last year's exam. (post moved from The Year was 2008)
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