Thursday, August 24, 2006


CBS has announced that this year's edition of Survivor has four teams, each of a different race... white, black, latino, asian.

New York City is officially protesting the show and demanding CBS yank it.

I don't think those descriptions are really race, such a wide possibility of ethnicities can fit into each described type.

white... Australian? Irish? Canadian? No, Californian.
black... Nigerian? Kenyan? South African? No, Californian.
latino... Mexican? Spanish? Panamanian? No, you guessed it, Californian.
asian... Japanese? Chinese? Nope, Arcadian. Errr., Californian.

Perhaps the real reason New York is upset is that 13 of the 20 maze-rats this year are from California. This after they purposefully recruited this cast, versus the open casting-call of past years. Not to mention three of them are actors.

Last year it was kind of novel... three teams of four... old men, old women, young men, young women. But they got bored of that and after a single episode condensed them down to fewer teams. Whose to say that won't happen this time?

Although it might be interesting if people start speaking in another language to be sneaky. I wouldn't be surprised if that's against the rules.
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